Monday, November 17, 2008

To Fringe or Not to Fringe...

That is the question and I am going to enlist the help of all readers out there to weigh in on this topic. I have just finished the scarf to a hat and scarf set for a male friend of my brothers. Well I say 'finished' but I am using the term loosely. The pattern calls for fringe.

Here is my dilemma, the scarf is 55" long, I have never met the person who it will be gifted to (doing this as a favor to my brother) and my brother works different hours than I do. It looks a little plain. Would fringe make it flamboyant? Here is a picture of it...

I have asked my husband who first of all wouldn't be caught wearing a scarf in the first place and has made it very clear he definitely wouldn't wear one with fringe, when I asked his opinion. Is he an accurate representation of all men or just the ones from our neck of the woods?

So I am asking you all, knitters, readers, husband of previously typed. I would like to get this out in the mail by the end of the month so please leave a comment by say Saturday if you care to assist me with this? I look forward to reading any and all comments! Really!
In the meantime I am casting on the hat. No questions on the hat because no fringe there!


  1. No fringe. I think it would be too much. :)

  2. Well, working in a men's clothing store I may have a different opinion than your hubby or your cousin. I think fringe if added should be short...perhaps 2". I have seen men's scarves with and without fringe. Of course they are usually plaid, and not hand knitted. :-) The one you show that you've knitted appears to be kind of belled at the ends... so perhaps fringe would not do well with this, yet it does look kind of naked. So all in all I am probably not much help... but you did ask. LOL

  3. I agree with Rose, 2: fringe "if" the bottom is square, which I am thinking it just Looks round in the photo. Sure looks nice and warm!