Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and Dogs On Thursday Post

We have already been out for our walk this morning in our winter wonderland. The pups have had their fun playing in the snow! At one point they were trying to make doggy angels! It didn't work so well. But if you look close at some of the pics you will see their foot prints and the drag marks of their ears!

When we were done playing in the snow and were ready to go into the house, guess what we discovered? Yes that is right, I locked us out by not unlocking the door before we left. (It is one that you can open from the inside even though it is locked.) No cell phone, no keys, and evidently no one awake in the house to let us in! It took about a half hour banging on the front door before some one figured out we were out there!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Oh I love your winter wonderland!! Sure miss the stuff and I'mnot sure what Lady or Coco would think, they've never seen the They do look like they had fun! Glad you were able to finally get back inside.
    Many Blessing for a Happy Thanksgivings!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!! I love the sweaters. They look so cute and seem happy in the snow.

  3. the red coats look so good in the snow. happy doggie thursday and woofy thanks giving to you and yours.
    btw i simply adore your 'vegetarians r us' on the sidebar...ha ha what a hoot!

  4. Totally fantastic sweaters!! Blazer says howdy to his cousins up north!