Thursday, January 21, 2010


It was another cold lazy day around here for this DOT Post.

The pups have been sneaking upstairs and taking a turn on the bed. We think it is the electric blanket that is attracting them! They have been great just looking forward to smaller snow drifts and slightly warmer weather! We have gotten out for walks but not long hikes or off lead walks as the snow has been pretty deep in the woods yet.

In other news, I haven't been sleeping real well, last night however after this...

and some of  this...

which resulted in this...

and a good night's sleep!

I am working on it's mate tonight. I don't think I will have quite as much sleep as my youngest is back on his way to college tonight. (I keep trying to get him to travel during normal hours but no he thinks the gray in my hair is attractive!)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Suprises come in many forms...

I love suprises! Well most of the long as they are good suprises and not unpleasant ones (I have had enough of them, but haven't we all!).

Yesterday I received a surpise package in the mail from my littlest sis:

...and can I say it is absolutely wonderful! A "Words to Woof" by daily calendar that has dog tips, "thoughts", pictures with funny captions, a journal and a pen! I will enjoy this in the upcoming year and I admit I did peek ahead to see what some of the upcoming dates had on them!

A big Thank you Sis, and {{Hugs}}, I will be using them for sure!

After the package arrived, it seemed to stir some creative juices in me and spurred me to action to complete some errands that I had been putting off. So I made my list and headed off to town.

  • Feed the chickens

  • Feed the fish

  • Feed the dogs

  • Gas up the car

  • Grocery store

  • Oil change in car

  • Joannes' Fabric Store

  • Make dinner

  • take pictures for blog

  • Knitting Group

One of my stops was to Joanne's Fabrics from which I had a gift card that I received at Christmas. On my list of goals was to start sewing again and inspired by GMarie as well as my mom, this is what I purchased:

Sewing machine oil (it hasn't been used in a while so figured better make sure it is cleaned and oiled up), scissors a four pack that had each kind I may need in various sizes, and two patterns that have multisizes so that if I hit another of my goals I can still use the patterns!

And while I was still feeling in the creative mood, I decided to make up a hearty comfort food dish for dinner that the family would (hopefully) enjoy:

...when I say creative and make up, I am not joking! No recipe just threw some stuff together that I thought might taste good. Chicken, noodles, sauteed and chopped carrots, celery, onion, parsley, tarragon, some cream of chicken soup for the sauce, then crushed crackers and cheddar cheese for a topper and into the oven it went.

It was yummy and was a hit with the family!

Then it was over to visit with a friend (and help her with her dinner as she has been incapcitated with a broken hip/leg) for a couple of hours.

And lastly on to knitting group! J had gotten in some really cool knitting books, so we all spent time drooling over Rowan, Vogue and French Girl Knits. We did get soommme knitting done!

What a fun day! Can hardly wait to see what today brings.

Friday, January 8, 2010

I miss my mom's blogs...

We talk on the phone quite a bit. But she lives out of state so I don't get much chance to see her. So when she was posting and I would read her post, it was like walking up onto the front porch, knocking on the door and being invited in for a cup of tea!

Her posts just always made me feel like I was coming home although it was not the home that I had grown up in. She was just a click away, anytime of the day or night...

So just wanted to say how much I missed that instant access, her insights, her pictures, her thoughts, really just the view of her world out her window.

I love you mom!