Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I was tagged...

I was tagged by Soulbrush to list 7 things about myself....hmmmmm.....

1. At different times in my life I wanted to be an English teacher (largely due to my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Hoover, who I just loved!), a veterinarian (because I have always been animal crazy, even fed a baby field mouse with an eye dropper!), a nurse, a psychiatrist (because my family tree is full of nuts, JUST KIDDING!), but now that I am 45, I stiiilllll don't know what I want to be when I grow up!

2. I like schedules and to do lists. It makes me feel that I actually have accomplished something when I put that little check mark beside the number. *This only works at the office. In my home life, flexibility and spontaneity is key and relationships are more important, as everyone is coming and going now a days, so I live in the moment to enjoy life to the fullest.

3. My body is definitely at my physical age (some days it feels like it is pushing 60 ;)) but in my minds eye, I still see myself as 20!

4. One of my favorite things God has created that I find true beauty in every day is....trees. I know most people look at them and see shade, firewood, and think; yes that is a nice tree. But I find they have so much character. The texture of the bark, the way that the winds of life have shaped but not broken them, imagine what a tree, if it could talk, has witnessed in it's lifetime. All the changes it has seen. Animals that have passed by, birds that have landed on it's branches, the horrendous storms it has survived, the sun shiny slow days of summer it has enjoyed...just by standing in one place and being a sentinel, if you will, to life going on around it.

5. I collect rocks. Not small ones (well they could be) but rocks that appeal to me from places I have visited. All my friends know this. In fact, my boys, family, friends, and my husband are always on the look out for rocks to gift me with from their travels. This quirk of mine has also started some of my friends to start their own "rock collection"! My husband for instance went on an elk trip to Colorado a couple of years ago, and a friend commented that he spent more time looking at the ground for rocks for me then for the elk. I am sure he was just kidding but you should see the quartz he brought home!

6. I love the ocean! Since I live so far inland I don't get to see it often. I do make do with pictures from others, and Lake Wilhelm that is near by.

7. I am a very greeeeeedy person. I like large gifts that are hard to come by. Sometimes I wait years for them before I get them because I want perfection. For example I have been asked for my Christmas list this year, and here it is;
  • All my sons home for Christmas so our whole family can be together on this special day.
  • My whole family at the midnight Christmas Eve Service at my church.
  • My life surrounded by the white picket fence. (my mom knows what this means!)
  • Peace on Earth for all .

I don't think this is too much to ask for, do you?

I tag Sunny!


  1. Gee, I thought I knew my first niece pretty well, and I wake up and look at her blog and learn more! :-)
    One thing you said about the trees struck me, " the way that the winds of life have shaped but not broken them"... It made me think of people, and how God shapes us, although sometimes we do have to be "broken". I had just poured my heart out to God this morning, that someone in my family needs Him so much, and needs to be "broken". This person doesn't realize how much God has done for them. This person needs God desperately and doesn't realize it. Please pray for the one on my heart and God's heart.

  2. I think there is a bid difference between being "broken by God" and "broken by life". The results are greatly different. "Broken by life" leads to death and destruction. "Broken by God" leads to a new creation and eternal life!
    I sure will be praying for the one on your heart!

  3. When I was small, I wanted to be a veterinary too because I love dogs so much. I think i even lost my first kiss to a dog :) Have a great day

  4. I certainly understand what you were saying about the way you see the trees, and the texture of the bark. I feel the same way.
    About the family tree... we do have a lot of nuts (no kidding), but who doesn't? This just makes it all the more fun and interesting. :-)