Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday Stroll

Yesterday was such a nice day that the pups and I decided on a Saturday stroll. We cut up through the edge of the cemetary, and as soon as we were into the woods, the pups went off lead.

They ran, frolicked, jumped over logs, stuck their heads down ground hog holes (at least they didn't come back with an offensive odor so it wasn't skunk holes!) Then they ran up the old dirt road, up the hill, into the old Porter barn field, around Stone's road, and then back on the lead to do the final loop home.

We stopped along the way to visit a neighbor. The pups got to sniff ducks, cats, and horses. Sampson got snapped at by Duchess the neighbors old dog, just to put him in his place of course! But it was a nice visit.

On the way coming back, Miss Elise came out to snap some pictures of the pups walking with the new lead system that many of you wanted to see and how it worked with the hounds. I haven't had any problems with tangling however when excited it is a bit much to hold them back!

Passing the church...

The church steeple in the setting sun...

something interesting passed this way...

old friends cutting through our yard for a visit then a walk...

Then in the house for a nice long drink of water.

Today this one left to travel back to college...

he got excellent news yesterday. He will not be living at home this summer. He interviewed with the forestry department of the game and wildlife department this spring break. He was notified last evening that he was chosen for a paid internship position with the department for the summer. And while I am proud of him and excited for him, it means that we won't see as much of him over the summer. But it sure will be good for his resume when he is out of college and job hunting! As I told him early this year, when he was concerned for the economy and wondering what he would do for summer employment, God would provide and lead him to where He wanted him to be this summer.

P.S. Pictures courtesy of Elise Frey (thank you Elise!)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

Even though I awoke to snow on the ground, again, this morning (officially spring was not in effect until after 8AM so this must have been Mother Nature's last hurrah!), spring is truly here as verified by...

Happy First Day of Spring!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dogs On Thursday Post

This is just a quick picture less post this morning. What? No pictures?!! Why you ask? Well it is because we have been so busy! We have been out walking, exploring, playing, and sleeping in!

For example last weekend when it was rainy and miserable and my hubby was away at a state archery meeting the hounds and I after a long walk Friday evening, came home and crashed. Literally. We were in bed by 7:30 PM and SLEPT clear though until 12:30 PM! Yep we even missed seeing reruns of the dog show on animal planet (can you believe that?).

All this week the weather has been so nice we have been on the bike trail every day on lunch break and another walk in the evening. It has been great!

I finally made a purchase from Drs. Fosters and Smith for a weight limitless retractable leash and sporn coupler dual walker. I am not going to mention what I paid for it. But it works! The issue was to be able to keep my speed up while walking the pups but allow them to still do their snuffling bit. Remember how I mentioned that when they are off lead they don't let me get more then say 15 feet away before they run and catch up. Well this will allow them to do that but keep them safe when walking on our country roads or the bike trail.

Well got to get to work (the pups too!) Happy DOT's!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dogs on Thursday Post 2

The last weekend the snow had finally melted enough to get the pups out for a much needed romp. As long as the wind wasn't blowing, and you stayed out of the shadows, the sun felt warm...almost.

On the trail...

slabs of ice larger then the hounds...

Sampson all worn out!
Happy Dogs on Thursday!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

33 Days is too long to wait, don't you think?---------->

Especially when perusing the classifieds one reads:

"Rhode Island Red Hens
9 months old
$price can't be beat
555-chickensrus" well that is how I read it anyways! So of course I jumped on it and called right away. You have to understand that around these parts you just don't see almost whole grown (interpret as egg laying age) hens for sale in the paper. Especially after feeding the things all winter. No sirree!

So I called my very understanding boss, to ask if I might be able to take my lunch break just a wee bit early to go acquire the lovely hens. Did I mention that I have a very understanding boss? And of course I pointed out that this way we might all have farm fresh eggs (yes, I will resort to bribery when necessary!) But of course my very understanding boss said sure that is fine no problem. (Translate to "I get the first dozen." just kidding!)

And here they are already making themselves to home...

and a close up of the lovely ladies....

And they were so please with their new "digs" that they gave me this by the time I got home at the end of my work day...

I of course am thrilled and I hope for many more!

Monday, March 2, 2009

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day...

There is nothing better for breakfast then homemade blueberry muffins! I made these muffins from scratch and the blueberries were picked from our own bushes last summer and frozen.

With a forecast of 15 degree high temperature of the day, *sigh*, a hot cup of tea and a homemade blueberry muffin hit the spot.

I hope your day had a great start too!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A New Beginning

As some of you know my Aunt Rose has been on a journey to adopt an older dog from a shelter or rescue group. She did have some things she really wanted in a dog, such as personality, house trained, crate trained, preferably a terrier mixed breed such as an Airedale, Welsh, Wire hair. One that could be protective of her if necessary, but also gentle for her grandchildren. She also indicated a strong desire to have a dog that both she and the dog could go through a dog therapy program to possibly do hospital, Elder Care residential homes or children group visits.

Aunt Rose has filled out adoption applications, viewed numerous photos of pets through, shelters, etc. She has inquired about quite a few and made trips to meet them. But in her search the dogs for one reason or other did not fill the bill so to speak.

Until Maggie Mae.

Maggie Mae was adopted from a shelter by a family four years ago who due to a change in family circumstances was no longer able to keep Maggie, although they dearly loved and cared for her. They put an advertisement in an online classified column, listing a 5 year old gray wirehair Terrier mix free to a good home only.

The interesting part here is that after doing that, their computer internet service was disrupted, and only came on only long enough to get Aunt Rose's inquiry about Maggie complete with a contact cell phone number. Also Aunt Rose often has to work on the weekend and this weekend she was off and had no plans. Contact was made between the family and Aunt Rose who then made the 4 hour drive to meet Maggie.

It was love at first sight. My Aunt's words I think said it best when she said "I am positively smitten!" Maggie is one of the most social as well as inquisitive dogs I have ever met. She immediately took a liking to my Aunt (who wouldn't?). But more than that the family had a birthday party going on, visitors in and out, a baby at times pulling on Maggie's coat, two strangers in the house and Maggie was completely calm, taking everything in, with her tail constantly wagging and ears perked and listening to everyone around her.

And smart! You say "bang" and this dog plays dead! She rings a bell when she wants to go out! As well as sit, stay, down, shhh, shake, etc.

The family thanked my Aunt for "helping" with this situation and I believe the word "angel" was mentioned. Aunt Rose replied "No really, thank you! I feel like I am getting the better of the arrangement!" The family sent all of Maggie's supplies such as her bed, food, toys, dishes, leads, etc.

Maggie Mae hopped right up into the car. The very first night together, once the lights were out and all was quiet in the house, Maggie crept up and jumped up on my Aunt's bed to sleep beside her.

For all of us who have been watching this unfold, the general consensus is that this was a match made in heaven. This is not the end. This is just the beginning to a new chapter in both of their lives. I have encouraged my Aunt to set up her own blog to share her thoughts, stories and experience in adopting Maggie as well as the dog therapy program should she decide to do it. I think it would inspire others who are thinking of buying a puppy, to look at adopting an older dog instead as there are many such as Maggie who have been turned over to a shelter or humane society.

The pictures I have posted here really do not show how beautiful Maggie is inside or her beautiful curly bluish coat. Hopefully my cousin Kim will soon rectify that!

If you would like to encourage Aunt Rose to share her adventure, leave a comment and I will make sure that she gets each and every one of them!

UPDATE!: Aunt Rose now has a blog and you can read about their adventures at Two Hearts One Tail!