Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another move home and then gone again!

After graduation my middle son moved home for just a bit. It was so great to have him with us, even for a little while before he started his new job and moved into his new place.

We really didn't exciting things, just day to day. But you know that just made it even more bittersweet. One of my most favorite pictures was of him and his dad sitting out under the shade tree after they had finished planting the garden.

A walk on the bike trail...

enjoying the visit to the lake...

Treasured memories for sure.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spring Break!

No not really, but while we were down in NC for our middle son's graduation, we decided to have a mini-vacation. And can I say it was absolutely fabulous!

Kure Beach Fishing Pier
Yep, I was this close! I think he was flirting with me!

Look at that ocean, sky, and those good looking men!

I could sit out here all day.

North Caroline Aquarium at Fort Fisher
I love Turtles!

Love the reflections in the water on this shot.

Me and the hubby!

I love hug pictures for the times that we are far apart!

Fort Fisher
Someone wind surfing.

A fiddler crab. I don't think I would ever get tired of the ocean.

Middle son surfing!

Took a ferry ride...
sat in a small park with my son and looked up at the trees.

 At the edge of bird island...

would love a painting of any of these...or maybe a print...

far away shot of bird island...

hence the name. 

Fort Fisher...

I think these trees have been here forever.

It had to be 20 degrees cooler in the shade!

Beautiful wild flowers that grow along the edge of the ocean.

I can see what attracts my middle one to stay there. North Carolina is beautiful. If I was rich (and could talk my hubby into it) I would move my entire family here. Of course, I have a reason now to go visit real often!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Very proud...

My posts are going to be a little out of order here, but 2012 was that kind of year. I am going to try to post some of the highlights that at the time, I was so busy living life that I did not have much opportunity to share that with any of you. Or at least document it for myself.

My husband and I are very blessed and proud to be the first generation on each side of our families, to have all three of our children graduate college.

Our first born graduated from Devry University with a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology, is working in his field and has gone on to get his journeyman in Electrical Engineering.

Our youngest son went to Paul Smiths College, graduated with his degree in Ecological Forest Management, and is working in his field also.

Our middle son (a fiercely independent person) decided, as you may have read from earlier posts,  to go a different route. He joined the army at age 18 (signed up 3 days after his birthday!), as an MP, advanced to the level of Sargent, took some college courses as he went to get the preliminary classes out of the way, did a tour in Iraq and was honorably discharged at the end of his five year tour of duty. Then he went to college on the G.I. bill at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington in Recreational Therapy. I am happy to say, that his father and I had the honor of watching him graduate!

There he is in front of the Clock Tower on Campus before Graduation.

Pretty impressive! Love my "Joe Cool" son!

The two of us in front of a Magnolia, wish I could plant one here!

Magnolia blossom.

Proud papa and son!

College Professors congratulating the graduate.

Much to his surprise (and our delight), he received the Recreation Therapy Most Outstanding Student award at his college! He didn't know he was receiving this award and we didn't either!

Look at that smile! He is posing with one of his college professors, they still keep in touch.

On the big screen at the auditorium!

It was a huge auditorium, we were in the balcony. This pic was before the ceremony got started. Can you see how huge that big screen is? Every seat was filled and people were standing against the walls in the back of the auditorium, on all levels. Really glad we got there early!

Currently he is residing in NC and working in his field also. So although I know this post is long over due, 

Congrats Son, love you and always proud of you!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Dew with 'Tude...

HoneyDew letting me know what she thinks of the word "No".