Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fine day for a romp...

The sun was shining, the temperature climbed to 80 degrees and it was absolutely lovely. A fine day to take the dogs for a romp in through the trees at the archery club. So we loaded up the hounds, stopped by Martino's deli where I had pre-ordered subs (inspired by my sister "C") so we could have a picnic supper on the deck of the old clubhouse. Everyone must have had the same idea as we coincidently ran into our friend and neighbor as well as archery club member, who made a drive-thru at McD's!

Denny Z and hubby solving all the problems of the world.

HoneyDew "checking" for crumbs!

I have to say, I was mighty proud of Sampson today. As we were walking through the trees, his sensitive nose caught a fascinating scent on the breeze. I looked to where his nose was pointing a saw a deer frozen, staring at us as we were walking the trail. Sampson started that way to give chase and see what this new interesting animal was, but as I told him sharply NO! LEAVE IT! UH UN UH!, he turned looked at me and trotted back to my side! Whew!

Sampson posing for a picture.

Sampson thinks the old bridge is fun to run back and forth across as his nails make nice clickity click sounds across the way, Miss Mary we will be calling to schedule another pawdicure appointment!

As usual HoneyDew would like to take the path less traveled.

If only trees could talk! I wonder what this old sentinal would have to say? Look at all the character, it reminds me of an old retired army general, battle scars and all.

Almost done. HoneyDew says, "What do you mean almost?"

In other doggy news, we welcome another member to our extended doggy family, introducing Starsky, my sister Rachel's Beagle mix puppy...

We can't wait to meet you in person, little guy! Welcome to the family!

Happy DOT's you'all,
Tina, HoneyDew and Sampson too!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some people...

...never grow up!
And look! It's catching... dear Hubby joins in the fun! He finally took a break from cleaning the leaves out of the back drainage ditch, you can see him at it, way in the background of the first picture, while I took a break from...
We are LOVING the spring weather!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A romp in the woods...and a birthday suprise!

The woods for Bassets, can be a real obstacle course, who needs agility classes when we have this?
Up, over, or under, and around logs...
Streams to ford across....or not!!!!
Help MOM, I am slipping!!!! What are you laughing at???? It's really not that funny!!!
And then home again to snore, snore, snore.

In other news, I received a birthday gift from my brother who has gotten the artistic gene, no pun intended! Isn't he talented...

Me with my two pals! Now I will always have them with me! Thank you very much Gene! Love you lots!

Happy DOT's!