Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Once again I am in the great state of Kentucky this year.

What a big difference from PA. For one thing, no snow! The weather is beautiful. Today is was very breezy and warm, I was outside in a short sleeve shirt. In December! Who would have thought.

While I am using my vacation time to be here, technically I am not on vacation. My mom who a lot of you know from Sunny's Studio, Changing Lanes and Just Plain Country, had to have a total knee replacement surgery yesterday. Yes, she is doing quite well, thanks for asking!

I have been keeping company with Mizz Izzy, who although enjoying the attention from me, the extra treats, playing with her toys on the floor with me, and the walks to try to distract her, still is looking for her special someone. Even now every little noise she hears as she lays up on the back of the couch, she looks up and out the door, trying to see if that is Mom coming home. Too bad hospitals do not allow visitors from patients pets...I really think that would cheer up the one who is recovering as well as allow the dog to understand that their person is still around and where they are. Hmmm, maybe something to try to get programmed into the hospital system...

In the meantime, my hound babies have been hanging with dear hubby. We have a standing skype session at 9 PM EST, in which the pups join in. So even though they can't figure how to get me out of that funny little box (and boy have I shrunk!) at least they hear my voice and can see me, and I them.

My hubby has taken over all my routines with the pups while I am gone, but I think he is enjoying himself. He says that Skittles, HoneyDew and Sampson all take turns laying across his lap and in some cases over both arm rests!

I am hoping my next visit down here (if I can't persuade Mom to move north, ssshhhhh!) will be a true vacation with all of us being together doing vacationey things.

How do you handle absences from your pet and how do they handle life without you?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


(Click on the picture for more information on the services offered here.)

Once a month, best treatment there is for keeping me healthy and my disc issues from getting out of hand! I get the deep tissue massage on a monthly basis and I can honestly say it makes a big difference in a lessen amount of headaches, I don't have the feeling of a stake stuck in my shoulder blade, I am more flexible and most of the time I sleep better (except when my boys are traveling, lol!).

Thank you dear hubby for insisting on this! You are the best!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Beach Hounds

The weather was sunny and beautiful on Saturday so the hounds and I thought we would take advantage of it by going to the Erie Peninsula.

If you have read many of my posts, you know that we like it best if the hounds can go off leash. Honey Dew and Sampson are very obedient and come back to me when called.

Of course one of the mandates is that dogs be leashed on the Peninsula even in the off-season...but no one said that I actually had to hold the leash, just be in control of the dogs, and as the beach was deserted I thought I would risk if for a a little while.

Sampson and HoneyDew posing for the camera before I let them run and explore.

So many sounds, sights and best of all new smells to explore! Which way to go first?

Evidently this scent was interesting...I was really hoping the hounds would not pick up a dead fish anywhere! Or worse, roll in one!
A moment before I snapped this photo, Sampson was facing me with strings of drool hanging from his mouth and sand particles clinging to it, evidently he didn't want you to see that cause he whipped right around and started shaking it off only to wrap it up around his nose! Too funny!
I love how the waves come in and make little pools. The sun and breeze was invigorating. I think we walked for about two hours along the beaches and part of the walking/bike path.

Just hanging out and enjoying the view.

There was room enough for me on the bench too, and I did share it for awhile with Sampson half on my lap.

Smile for the camera!

Honey Dew was more interested in bird watching then my attempts with the camera.

This is one of my favorite pictures! I brought the smooth rocks and fresh water clam shell home with me so that I could remember a great day shared with my two best pals. I am sure that you recognize the paw prints but can you guess what the long swish marks are?

"Basset Happy Ears and Happy Feet"

Monday, November 7, 2011

One of the blessings...

of working at camp is being able to see the wonder of God's creation everyday. It has been a beautiful fall with the kaleidoscope of colors of the trees, the different animals that we see such as the Great American Eagle, Great Horned Owls, Great Heron, Deer, variety of snakes, lizards, toads, etc.

Today, when I pulled into camp I got to see this little guy up close, (thanks goes to Stan Smith whose iPhone takes much better pictures then my cell phone).

 And here is one with my office-mate Amy!

Very rare to see an albino porcupine. He looks so soft and cuddly, but as you know, looks can be deceiving,. I believe he is blind or doesn't have very good eye sight, but thanks to his quills he seems to be managing just fine!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

DOT's - Thankful November

 Sun peaking through the clouds.
 Happy sniffing all around.
 Goofy faces from my clown!

 Rolling, rolling on the ground!
 Exploring up, up...
 and down.
Peaceful watching, listening to nature's sounds.

I am thankful for my Hounds!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bike Ride 9/25/11

I set out to see a part of the bike trail that I hadn't ridden on before as well as overcome the challenge of the tunnel below. This tunnel is like entering a cave. In fact before entering it I could feel the cold, chilling draft several feet from the opening of the entrance. Even with my bike LED light, the light was not strong enough to penetrate the overwhelming darkness, It took serveral moments inside to get my eyes adjusted to be able to see the reflectors on the ground.
Either there where icicles or very white tree roots hanging from the ceiling. This picture is looking back at the entrance. This tunnel is 3350'long and has a curve so you cannot see the other end till you are all most out of it therefore pretty much a ride in pitch black. Other cyclists have come to the tunnel with a wall of fog guarding the entrance. I lucked out.
Here is the sign giving information about the tunnel at the opposite end of the tunnel. Quite an invitation into the tunnel if you read the whole thing. Glad it was at this end or I might have chickened out!

After passing through the tunnel on the otherside I was rewarded by a sighting of some "leatherbacks". Actually there were quite a few more and larger in size, but they spotted me and they slid into the river before I could get focused in well enough.

On the way back I also stopped at this site which is on the National Registry. Of course I wasn't content with just snapping pics from the observation point, nope, I had to climb down to get some upclose and personal shots because I wanted to see the Indian etchings for myself.

And I also wanted to get the shots from the river side of the rock so out I went onto stepping stones ( my husband just shook his head).

Pretty cool huh! The next pic is one that I took just because of the texture of the twisted trunk of the tree against the rock strata. Kind of reminded me of some yarns in our LYS that I might want to try.

As I was going along, and as I was by myself, the song "me and my shadow" popped into my head...can't imagine why except that by this point I was really needing a distraction from the pain in my hips, but, thighs, knees and shoulder blades. Oh did I mention that at this point I had went 26 miles and had 6 more to go to get back to where I parked the car?

So I got my distraction! Take a look at this...

This eagle was using a narrow part of the river as his own personal bird bath! Unfortunately He was quite some distance so I had to use my zoom lenz to take the pictures and they are not the greatest besides which the shots of him throwing water over himself and splashing did not come out very clear.

And some beautiful country out here which will really be beautiful in the near future when the leaves turn.

Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

DOT's-Saturday Evening Walk

A slight difference of opinion.

"I think he is going to fall in!" *tries hard to stifle the laughter*

"No problem." *wipes cold sweat from brow.*

"We need something to keep up our energy. what do you mean you brought water? I was thinking more along the lines of steak."

The long way home or seems so after a 1 1/2 hour hike one way.

Sampson thinks maybe he might try a short cut...just kidding...