Thursday, December 31, 2009

Let's Get the Pawti started!!!!!

Look Mom, we are all dressed for the New Year's Eve Celebrations! Are we going to a party??? Where's the yummy noms?

I think I smell the treats in the dining room, let's go check it out!

"Well as I am a pawti animal I am planning on staying up all night so I am going to pace myself. I'll even be able to see the ball drop in Time Square!"

Honey Dew and Sampson hope all our Dogs on Thursday buddies have a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snow Daze...

Please click on the pictures for a better look! Everyone had fun "playing" in the snow!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Yah, I know...but really, I have been busy!!!

I know it has been awhile since I last posted, but oh my gosh, have I been busy!

I am not talking about the normal pre-holiday hustle and bustle. Oh no. I am talking about where you take on a huge project prior to the holiday hustle and bustle knowing full well you have Christmas shopping, decorating, wrapping, etc to do! I must have been crazy...but sure felt great when it was done!

First though let me just say that the best Christmas presents are those that arrive early!!!

The story starts back when the eldest decided to stretch his wings and fly the coop. Unfortunately the "guest room" that he had been occupying would need to have a wrecking ball thorough cleaning before it could be occupied again. But before that could be started I get an SOS call from my previous employer. It seems as though he has been "asked to vacate the premises" due to "circumstances beyond his control". This is where it gets a little iffy...

My PE wants me to work for him again as soon as finances permit. He does not want to store the computer, printer, etc. in a non-climate controlled storage unit. He knows my home system is on it's last legs so he wants me to take and use the system.

My house is small. REALLY small. It is an old farm house built 4 up, 4 down. But a discussion is held between my hubby and I, and a decision is made to make the eldest's room into an office/sewing/guest room.

First though in order to get the stuff out of the bedroom, the computer desk had to be dismantled from out of the entry way, then stuff had to come out of the bedroom, carpets had to be cleaned (the cleaning machine worked great but what a beast!), then some office furniture from my PE had to be dismantled and transported to my house, and put back together and installed in the O/S/G Room. Then a new bed purchased, transported and installed as well, before I could decorate the tree which would be placed in the entry way! (the only way to move large things in or out of the house really is the front entry way)

So we started with a ridding out and discarding things that were really beyond salvaging. My hubby and youngest decided while they were at it they would clean out a few things from the basement and outbuilding too, as well as the old picnic table that wasn't safe any longer...

...marshmellows anyone?

Once that was completed we were able to get the desk set up...

After the desk was set up, and my sewing machine in place too, we determined that we could wait on purchasing and setting up the bed until the week after Christmas as my middlun would not be home until the first week of January. Now we could concentrate on Christmas shopping and wrapping and decorating. I don't know who originally said this but "Men plan and God laughs" would apply here!

Hubby went and picked out the tree all by himself, he did a great job didn't he?

We decorated it together.
We shopped together.
I wrapped by myself.
Hubby hates wrapping. I almost had it all done too. In the guest room. This would be the evening before Christmas Eve.

6:00AM Christmas Eve morning the phone rings. It is the Middlun and girlfriend:

Son: Hi Mom, How are you.
Me: I am fine, what's up?
Son: Nothing much, just calling to see if you are up.
Me: Huh? (I am not at my brightest at 6AM)
Son: Well look out in the driveway...
Me: What? (picture me peering out to the driveway, which is still dark without my glasses on)
Son: Look out the window in the driveway!
Hubby: What's the matter, what's going on?????
Me: Tim's here, he's home they are here!!!!! (mad dash scramble to at least find a bathrobe and try to look presentable, tripping over a basset while the other barks in the kennel and hubby asking me 101 questions that I don't have the answer too!) Oh my gracious, we haven't gotten the bed for the guestroom yet....

My life is a series in comic relief!

Anyways, my middlun and his girlfriend gifted me with the best present ever and I should add so did my youngest and his girlfriend and my Eldest. That was all my kids home for Christmas! And nobody even gave a hint, clue or let slip the suprise!

So back to the story, Hubby and My dad went to purchase and bring home a bed, I finished wrapping gifts to get them out of the way and the kids went to visit their Grandparents Switzers. (Who were just as suprised as I called to make sure they were home by saying Hubby would be dropping something off for them!) The guys brought and set up the bed, I made it up and then the guest room was presentable.

Here is some pictures of the finished room as well as some random Christmas pictures. I have to say though even with all the chaos this was one of the best Christmas's ever!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The walk that wasn't!

So I had some errands to run and figured the pups and I would have some time for a walk on the bike trail afterward, since the sun was shining, snow had melted and the temps were reasonably warm.

Pups: "Alright we are finally out of the car! Lets get to some serious sniffing here!" as they try to shake off their hoodies.

HoneyDew: "Did you hear that big boom? And look, that sky isdark. You knnoooowwww I am allergic to rain, right?!!"

Sampson: "Aw come'on you big sissy! I smell something great this way!"

Me: "Well I am not allergic to rain, but this doesn't look good, especially with that flash of lightening. Come on, I got your McDonald Chicken Nuggets in the car I was going to bribe treat you to anyway."

Honeydew: "Seeeeee I told you it was going to rain! AND I am not getting out of the car until it quits."

Radio: "Screeeech, Screeeeech, Screeeeech. The National Weather Service has issued a Tornado in effect for the following counties....

Picture a mad scramble and dash, pulling one unwilling stubborn  health consicious hound, and one dense as all get out easily excitable pup, a tangle of leashes, cell phone and purse, running for the door without tripping over the affore mentioned hounds or my own two left feet while dodging rain splotches and hail the size of baseballs peas!

This was flashing on Weatherbug on the computer right before the electric went off...

Alerts for Venango County

Number of Active Alerts: 2

Go to alert detail: 1 2

There are 2 active alerts issued by the National Weather Service for Venango County

ALERT 1 - Severe Weather Statement


Issue Time: 12/9/2009 12:43:00 PM

Valid Until: 12/9/2009 1:00:00 PM

Sampson: "Can we go outside now? Can we, hunh!, hunh!, I am ready aren't you?"

Me: "No, definantly not! I got my exercise for the day, thank you very much!"

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Currently on the needles, and one hot off the needles...

Today was our monthly meeting of the Wooly Wonders Fiber Guild ( well the November and December combined due to the holidays). Each year I have to say by far this is my most favorite meeting because we always have something quick and fun to do for the holiday. This year Jerri showed us how to take a clear plastic or glass bulb and make something unique, using up the odd and end bits in our stash of yarn. She gave us 5 different patterns from a fair isle type, lace type, solid or striped, and/or novelty yarn type. You can even use the odd bit of left over sock yarn! Here is my first attempt and it was done in little over an hour (I am slow!)

It was really fun to make! I should also mention that this was made with Jerri's own designs which makes it even more special!

I really enjoy the camaradarie, ideas, and knitting encouragement that I get (and give) at this group. For instance everyone there knows I am a very tight knitter. I never loosen up, (not really sure what this says about me as a person but...) so right off the bat about 3 of the ladies said, "Heh Tina, you are probably going to want to try this with a size 4 instead of size 3 double pointed needles." See that is the type of thing that is really neat! They know me! Luckily I had that size with me so I didn't have to wait to get started!

Another example is I had mentioned that my mom wanted to knit up some leg warmers but was concerned about them staying up, I mentioned this to one of the group in passing on a previous occasion, and do you know when I arrived at the guild one of the members had went through the guilds' stash and came up with tiny elastic band that you knit in with the yarn! She also left word for me to send the entire spool down to my mom (she lives out of state), have her use what she needed and if any was left over to send the remainder back!

We don't exchange gifts at the guild, but one of the ladies put together this little goody and gave each of us one. In case you cannot tell from the picture, this is a candle wrapped in a scroll of paper entitled 'The Tradition of the Christmas Candle...

and contains a Christmas blessing from a friend to a friend. If you cannot read the scroll and would like the words, just let me know and I will email it to you. How about you, if you knit do you have a fantastic group of ladies that you get together with?

Lastly, (I know I am rather wordy tonight!) this is what is currently on the needles...

...yep another pair of socks. This time for my mother-n-law, who does not read my blog so no danger of blowing the suprise. I love, love, love the colors! The yarn is very squishy and yummy to touch. I admit I am a yarn snob especially when it comes to socks, so the fact that this is Red Heart, Heart and Sole Yarn was a suprise to me, but it is 70% Superwash wool, 30% Nylon and is made with Aloe. It is working up very nicely, the test will be when they are washed then worn. I really hope that they do not fuzz or pill up.

If any of you have used this yarn please feel free to let me know your thoughts!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Silly Dogs see how they lay...

After our Thanksgiving dinner last week, we were able to capture goofball Sampson in one of his silly poses that you know cannot be comfortable.

Sampson, who must be t-o-u-c-h-i-n-g one of us at all times, even if there is not enough room...

And for a close up of the goofball...

Honey Dew: "Darling you won't ever catch me in an undignified position, evah!"

Me: "yeah, right!"

***A New Addition***

Meet Simon!

My l'sis and her child adopted this American Bulldog/Staffordshire Terrier from a Shelter who had rescued him from very dismal conditions. He has been the perfect addition for her family very gentle, loving, and lay backed. Even the vet was suprised at how trusting and easy going he is. One of the first things my sister did was take him to PetSmart for new collar, leash, harness, treats, food, food bowls and toys! Here is a picture that really shows just how much he has already bonded with the family, sleeping with M...

And one of his sillier sides...

Welcome to the family Simon!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Pictures from Light Up Night in Franklin

Pictures courtesy of Elise Frey, Thanks Elise!

This one is my favorite as you can see the historic Venango Courthouse in the background.

This is the Noah ark float. It's hard to see but along the sides, little children were dressed up like the animals two by two and were waving out the windows! Too cute!
And this year my camera shy son came along to enjoy the music, fireworks and camradarie!