Sunday, February 3, 2013

Patrolling the perimeter...

because with the temperature at a high of about 20something degrees, that is about all we were in the mood for! Besides after their bath yesterday (I wouldn't have picked such a blustery day for it, but the Frito smell was at an all time high!), I think they were still a bit chilled even though they are house dogs and were completely dried.

Sampson greeting the few chickens that  ventured out.

 Honeydew thinks I should skip the picture taking and get a move on!

 East side of the house, just so you can enjoy the snow too ;-)

and from the bottom of the yard looking east.

Interesting smells in here since birds, squirrel and rabbits like to play in and under this tree line.

Ummm, Sampson got a little too close to the snow covered branches and didn't like the results!

Dew knows there is something there, she can't see it but she can smell it.

Sampson says all is secure, let't get back to the house!

Now they will be all set to sit in Dad's lap to watch the superbowl!

They are more commercial watchers like me, right now they're rooting for the french bulldog in the Sketcher's commercial but we'll see!