Saturday, November 1, 2008

Indian Summer?

If so, I will take it! It was absolutely beautiful outside! The pups and I took advantage of it this afternoon and took a walk on the Sandycreek Trail. Beautiful scenery. Honey Dew and Sampson absolutely had a great time and we had company too. Elise joined us today for a catch up and visit (she was home for the weekend from college) and I was tickled that she wanted to spend part of her time with me. (Possible ulterior motive? just kidding!!)

This is a span that goes across the river on the trail, as you can see the pups were having a little freedom for photographic purposes and no bikers in sight!

They are such good pups coming when called (whew!). By the way this span is high above the river. It is a looooonnnngggg way down before you would hit the water. Never fear, the pups where never in any danger as there is the fencing and no openings. You can even see them checking the view in the middle picture.
Elise and I tried to get some other scenic pictures but we encountered some technical difficulties, i.e. uncooperative clouds, unmovable structural spans, dogs tugging on leashes and last but not least or maybe finally dead batteries.
But we enjoyed the time, the walk the smell of the fall air and fallen leaves, the beauty all around us, the peace and quiet, the lack of midterms, pressing schedules, etc.
The best news is that this weather is supposed to last thru the weekend and Monday! Yeeeeaaahhh!

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  1. That was a very nice afternoon! And the pups take good pictures! We'll have to do it again when the weather is good.