Tuesday, November 11, 2008

That 3:00 AM Call...

Do you know what every parent's worse nightmare is? The dreaded 3:00 AM call...

Son: Hi Mom, how are you doing?
Me: I am fine, um Ben it is 3:oo in the morning, is everything ok?
Son: Well yah except I left Jacks at around 11:30 and the next thing I know a deer jumped out in front of me, and I hit the brakes and uh the jeep is toast.
Me: Are you alright????
Son: Yah except I hit my head and woke up with the jeep against a tree.
Me: Where are you now????
Son: I am back in my dorm room.
Me: Yes but are you ok, did you go to the ER or the campus nurse and get checked out?????
Son: No, but I am ok. I had one of the guys here look at me and he said I look ok...I am just upset about the jeep....

You can imagine the rest of the conversation. Trying to persuade someone who positively hates Doctors, hospitals, and won't take an aspirin or even a cough drop...to go get checked over...

By this time Mr. S. is awake and asking questions...

We couldn't be there to check him over, help with calls to insurance etc. For myself, I could hear his voice, he was calling, not a hospital, or police or the college, his voice was good, shook up but he called so everything, in my book, is going to be ok.

Thank you Father God for looking after my child.

Give someone you love a big hug today.


  1. Oh My goodness! I have been there.
    It is so hard when that happens I am glad he is okay and that he had an angel with him that night.

  2. Wow.. I am glad it was him calling though.

  3. Glad to hear that he's okay!! Feel bad for you guys. It's hard to get back to sleep after a call like that.