Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Eldest Son

Aka...most camera shy..."a picture cheezzzsh mom, why?". I use several arguments like; relatives would like to see a picture of you, people who don't know you read my blog and wonder if I have you chained in the basement, or maybe I made you up, as they never see you on here. Most of the time the persuading does not work and therefore no picture.

Until today.

He is going to a costume party.
He probably doesn't realize this, but I think he dressed in character of who he is on the inside. Searching for a freedom that doesn't exist today, a thirst for adventure (not really the blood letting kind), a manly man, making his own way on the high seas....

He really is a cutie! Definitely has that Johnny Depp /Pirate of the Caribbean look-a-like thing going on (that is his own hair and beard!) But I am thinking he wouldn't have enjoyed the 'full of the scurvy, missing teeth, smelly going without baths for a year', eeewwe yuck, reality of actually being a pirate.
That is what Halloween is for. Dressing a part, having a good time, an escape from the day to day. Fun.
I hope you have a great time at your costume party, Kerry Lee!

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