Wednesday, January 3, 2018

I love the start of the New Year. New slate, fresh start, everyone likes something brand new right?

I know a lot of people don't give much credence to new years resolutions, but i think reviewing where you have been and outlining some basic goals is healthy.

One of mine this year is ridding out (PA slang for sure!), minimizing and getting organized by cleaning out one drawer, cubby, cupboard or closet a day. Starting with the Christmas decoration bins. We successfully completed that one this morning!

Then I rewarded the pups and I with some fresh air. It has been down around 0 and the single digits most days but today it got to 19*. We were so happy to take advantage of the sunshine and out we went!

Loved the fresh air!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer's Flying!

I cannot believe it is about the middle of July. It has been a very busy summer.

We are enjoying retirement immensely! Although on a budget, we are able to take trips; Quebec Canada, North Carolina, and soon MI, are able to have a small garden, visit family, help care for parents with doctor visits and other errands, herding chickens, and of course play with the pups.

My pain management has improved but I have to tell you the hoops people have to jump through are ridiculous! But I am glad it is working and I am able to do a bit more.

I have been knitting, but have really got to knuckle down and finish projects instead of being online (with the exception of this blog!)

I have not rid out my closets yet (Pennsylvanian dialect, but is a word!), oiled and prepped my sewing machine or began my spinning as yet. I believe the end of August and into the fall will be my target date for that.

My DH has enjoyed hunting, fishing, and golfing this summer. And of course hanging out with me :)

One of my favorite pictures and visits from this summer was with our little man "O". Going to see him real soon and can't wait to spend time with him and my youngest son and daughter in law!

To view other pictures of our adventures like the epic bear hunt, fishing hauls, knitting, gardening and pups, I'm on Instagram as @thegardener63.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Going on around here...

Curly Joe got his spring look working for him (my son thinks I could do this professionally, um thanks but no thanks!).
Progress is made on a hoodie forbourblittle man "O". Pattern is by Debbie Bliss called "ultimate Pullover".
Lots of dodging raindrops and puddles. No complaints here as daffadils are blooming everywhere and as soon as the rain quits I am going to gather a bouquet for my table and bring some sunshine in here!
DH took me for fish at Grantham's Landing in Sandy Lake. Great dinner! We had some interesting guests at dinner...
Loving the spring and retirement! Have a great weekend you all!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Just fun!

I love days like today! Other than one appointment, I or we, did not have to be anywhere, do anything at any specific time.

This has been one of my challenges because I have been a schedule person for the last...oh....thirty five years or something!

Since retirement, I have been trying to get us on some type of schedule. As my DH said yesterday, "babe that is the joy of retirement, no schedule!" It has been fun ever since :)

Some snaps from today...

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Just a stroll

I took the dogs for a walk the other day. It was gray out and nothing really spectacular about the day to speak of. But we enjoyed the walk and the somewhat warmer temperatures.

I particularly enjoyed these two entertwined trees. They spoke to me of marriage. 
You can see they are both straight and tall, each giving way just enough as well as leaning in just enough, without causing the other to bow. 
Each with the strength to stand alone but stronger because each is entwined with the other. 
Each having great character and texture of their own but a much more compelling message to me at least because they are together.
If they had been standing alone, they may have been just another tree in the forest but because of their eternal embrace, they spoke to me.
The day also showed me the promise of spring. I love the fresh start, the promise of new life that spring brings.
And the first flower in bloom that I have seen. Even if it is growing in a ditch. 
Even if it is something others may call a weed. It reminded me to remember to bloom where I am planted and to bring joy to others I may encounter.
The walk also reminded me to push past my limitations just a little bit further because the view can be spectacular.

So yes it was "just a stroll", but one that reminded me to watch for inspiration in unexpected and yet everyday places.

Friday, February 24, 2017

70* in February?

It has put me in the mood for flowers, which of course is ridiculous considering the temps will plunge down into the 30's and snow is in the forecast.

But where there is a will, there is a way...and a sale!

I have never had much success with orchids and was just talking with my sister about this the other day. She hasn't either. But as I was out shopping today, I saw this miniature orchid that was so beautiful and springy, I couldn't pass by. Oh, especially as it was on a clearance sale!

My other bargains of the day was yarn for a new hoodie for my grandson "O" or as I like to call him, The Little Man!

I think he will look pretty cool in it when the weather warms up this spring for good! 

Ok back out the door to enjoy the warm breezes for a little while longer!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


...but still beautiful. So time to take the pups to the lake and wear their butts out.

We saw early, and I mean really early, wild leeks,  geese and seagalls flying overhead, a lone duck gliding across the lake and heard the birds singing their evening songs.

It looks chilly but it wasn't as the temps were in the 50's. A glorious day to take advantage of this long warm break and spend some time there.

If you zoom in you might see one of the closest ducks to us.
Some cattails managing to hold on despite wind, snow, and storms.
Just beautiful.
This is an accurate shot of Sweet Pea as she was in constant motion not wanting to miss a smell or movement. She's a hot mess!

All good times must end so now time to go home and make dinner for hubby and the pups!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunny Sunday!

Soooo enjoying today! The sun is shining and warm. I can smell warm earth and grass. I can hear the Pheobe singing. This is February. Wow!

One walk already in for today.  Now on to sweeping winter debris off the front porch, potting a plant (thanks Leah) that has outgrown it's original home, hmmmm what else can I do ouside.....?


Saturday, February 18, 2017

In February...

Do you believe it?

I'll take it! Hope everyone enjoys their Saturday!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Love me some Joe!

How can I possibly say "no"?