Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday Smiles...

I walked into the kitchen Sunday morning and found this...
I wonder if she selected the channel herself :-)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

HoneyDew feels special...

Well and she really is special, to me anyways. She is a girlie hound, always has been, and she loves to wear bows. Seriously! If you take them off (no matter how delapidated it is) after she has worn them awhile, she still comes back over to you wanting you to put it back on. The more colorful the better. Maybe it is all the attention she gets because she looks so adorable in them? Anyways, so today I made a purchase just for her...well and maybe just a little bit for me too!
and while she is a girlie houndie, she is a country girlie houndie so we got some 'country' ribbon to start with...

Isn't she cute?!

Sampson says: "Don't even think about it!"

Monday, January 17, 2011

A smile for the day...

I love these pictures! I have been there and done that! Of course with 3 less children and the 30+ chickens were in the basement! I loved those days!

And this one, believe it or not is someday what I hope for, when my hubby and I are old and grey, just sitting around enjoying each other's company as well as at least one basset by our feet. And one of my goals is to learn to quilt by hand. (Maybe my mom will come for another visit this spring??) 
Anyways I really enjoyed the pictures when my dad sent them in an email this morning. They made me smile  and so I wanted to share them with you!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mid-Week Knitting

I had a very enjoyable evening of knitting last night with two friends/neighbors! I had been looking forward to having a ladies night for a while now but with adjusting to being back to work full-time, the holidays, a bad cold, my youngest's college graduation, amd moving him across the state to start work, there really hasn't been the opportunity before now.

It was very low key. I just made a very simple bruchetta for snacking, had hot tea or sodas available and we sat at the kitchen table knitting away and chatting. Two and a half hours later, we called the evening a success and agreed to get together next Monday night at 6:30 again!

Oh and what nice projects they were working on! Cari (who calls herself a beginner, but I disagree) was creating a lovely lacy scarf in a leaf pattern, and Kathi was finishing an Elizabeth Zimmerman baby sweater, with a matching hat that was already finished. Of course once again I was so busy having fun that I neglected to get pictures. But maybe Monday I will!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Naked Bassets in the Snow!

Ever notice the colder it is out, the straighter the tale is? And look at the top photo, this was at the last part of the walk, on our way back to the car, look who beat me to the car. That would never happen in the summer time!

Happy DOT's!