Saturday, November 1, 2014

Thank you God for this new day and in everything thru everything may you be glorified. And to everyone reading this blog, May your day be filled with blessings and peace. Amen.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

When isn't it...

...the dog days of summer? Around here at least a portion of the day is! So the pups and I decided on a romp (well they romped anyway!) at Lake Wilhelm for awhile. No geese to chase today but I did spot this tree.

Does anyone know what type it is? I've never seen the little pine cone type pods on them before.

Honeydew found quite a few good scents but as Curly Joe had already found something stinky to roll in earlier this morning which necessitated an unscheduled bath, I wasn't allowing further exploration of that particular area!

I was able to snap a still shot of each which turned out well!

The lake was very still today and looked like it may be in its "turning over" phase as it looked a bit like pea soup.

The pups spent the rest of the afternoon napping while I did up some laundry, started dinner and went to the Y for water therapy. Tonight it will be knitting more on my shawlette. I am almost finished so pictures will be coming soon.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Everyone needs to runaway...

once in a while....even if it is just for a few hours, to take a time out, catch our breath and just be. Hubby and I did just that yesterday and took ourself to Lake Erie, to wade along the waters edge, collect a couple of smooth flat rocks and watch the sea gulls glide on the breeze. A few even ventured close for a snap shot. I think we will do this a little more often and perhaps find a good spot on the shore line to drop a line next time, maybe for some steelhead this fall.

we even attempted to take a shot of the two of arms aren't quite long enough, next time I will bring my "real" camera. :)

Monday, September 1, 2014

It's the little things..

which can inspire personal creativity, peace and joy in the most unexpected time and place.

For me it is to take time to knit or spin at least a few minutes each day. And longer if I can get away with it :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Going to Grandma's

Always happy to go for a car ride but doubly so when it is a trip to Grandma's to hang out with Miss Izzy and Curly Joe. Sometimes it is nice to go and visit all the farm animals. But since it is cold out and sloppy and since I just had a bath, no such luck this time. But I did get to be with Mom all day and lay in front of the wood stove and look out the big windows that are right on my level at all the birds, chickens and have a snack with Izzy and Joe. Hopefully next time it will be warmer and our moms will feel up to at least a walk around the yards!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bright spot...

...on my table this morning. Though there is snow falling outside, I have a touch of Spring inside. Happy Sunday to you :)

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Although the calendar may say spring, other than the mud, you wouldn't know it. More snow in the forcast, falling temperatures, brisk winds.

Despite all this Honeydew and I made our way meandering around the upper yard making mental notes of spring chores waiting to be done; downed branches, twigs to be gathered for the bonfires later in the spring and summer, a dead old tree that has fallen at the edge of the woodline to be cut up for wood for said bonfires, the support for the grape arbor needs restrung with coated wire before the grape vine puts on new growth, a hole in the top of the chicken run needs mended, Christmas lights and garland needs taken down (good grief it is almost Easter!), the flower beds and pots need a ton of attention, plants need pruned, etc...I am excited about the spring, both the work and the walks I hope and imagine Honeydew and I will be able to share. 

By the time we made it to the lower yard (no it is not a great size of property, HoneyDew just likes to sniff and take her time (savoring the fagrances I guess!) the wind was very cutting, and Honeydew had enough and headed to the house. Of course with the mud you can guess what was coming next? 

Bathtime!!! And then of course the after-bath I-can't-get-dry-enough roll rub-ears-on-the-floor, you-missed-a-spot licking, run-around-the-house-and-bark-like-crazy dance!


Until she is finally satisfied (or wore out!) and settles for a nice warm nap.

Come to think of it, that is not a bad idea! It is Saturday after all and the chores will still be there when it warms up (and the latest round of snow melts)...hopefully soon!

We hope where ever you are, you have a nice relaxing weekend too!

Monday, January 20, 2014

New Socks...

Red Heart Heart & Sole
ART E745
Spring Stripe
Pattern: BFF Socks by Cookie A for Soctoberfest 2006

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby it's cold outside!

At -13 degrees this morning, I was up at dawn and outside dressed in double layers to check and feed the hens. With the wind we had last night and a chill factor of -30, it was no wonder my glasses fogged up with my hat pulled low and the scarf over my mouth and nose funneling my warm breath upwards.

All was well in the coop! I had put extra deep straw down for Miss Henny Penny as she is on her own since the last disagreement she had with the other hens...I think she quite likes her own apartment. The others were all snuggled nicely on the roost. All that was needed was to pop the giant ice cubes out of the rubber water dishes and provide more water and feed. I will repeat at three o'clock after work.

Miss Dew also wore layers out for her morning schnuffle, although with the temps this morning she made it more of a fox trot!

Here's hoping you keep warm too!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Never Forgotten...

Remembering and treasuring the moments we had together. Always in our hearts, rest in peace dear Sampson, aka, Odie, Bubba, Eeyore, and most affectionately "Bonehead" you are already missed more then words can say...

October10,2007 - January 3,2014

2014 is off with a bang...

...and not in a good way. Thank you Lord that no one was injured. Except for being stiff and sore. And the damage to the cars involved (minimal damage to the other two cars) mine had to be towed and which we will have to see what insurance says.

Then of course poor Sampson, who has had multiple seizures over the last 48 hours and is now wandering aimlessly around his quarantined area. He lays down for a few moments. He is not himself at all. I know what my head says must be done...

...but my heart hopes, and my spirit encourages him to fight and pull though while I stroke his head and offer comfort, my mind prays that God will either cure him or take him. As some of you know who have followed this blog in the past medication has an adverse effect for him and is not an option.

Through this time, I know that even though I do not understand the why, I do know the Who and that He is in control of all things and will strengthen me come what may.

Blessings sent your way on this Friday.