Wednesday, January 7, 2009

You have to love the beauty of the swirls of ice enveloping all available surfaces. And I try to this while watching that my feet do not go out from under me on the two inches of ice immediately out my backdoor! Kerry even suggested that it may be safer for the pups if I leave them here instead of taking them to work with me today. All the schools have closed. At least they are showing good sense. Snow is in the forecast today and we have an advisory out until 10:00 AM.

Well should be a fun commute into work.

On days like this I think we should learn from the bears and hibernate. Don't you?


  1. My mum said she would just love to hibernate! Of couse she would need to have lots of chocolate to maintain her body fat over the winer period. So then we would emerge in the Spring!
    Having said that we agree there is a lot of beauty in winter and particularly like the network of icy webs between the branches on the trees. Take care out there on the ice and stay safe.
    Martha & Bailey xx

  2. Hibernating sounds good to me!!