Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's Knitting Itself!

Well, my dh would probably debate that statement but it is knitting up pretty swiftly. The most interesting thing is the number of different stitches/techniques used with this. So much fun!
See if you can recognise the Mitered Blocks, Double Moss , Seed Stitch, and Half Linen stitches.

And get a load of the ruffle (my first evah) so girly but lots of fun! And I tell you I am having so much fun with the colors too!
Update: Cathy guessed correctly!
It is the Wrap Me Up by Chris de Longpre. Congrats Cathy!


  1. Tina, you are very very clever with the knitting. We were just wondering if you could knit us up a basset?
    We thought a nice cosy cuddly basset hound that mum doesnt need to walk, feed and clean up after!
    We know she loves us really..........
    Martha & Bailey xx

  2. But what is it?! Is it a shawl...? I so love NORO!

  3. Cathy, you have guessed it! And I will be sending you out a little suprise package, if you email me your address and what colors you enjoy!

  4. Oh I missed a contest :( The knitting is lovely. Absolutely beautiful. Gonna look back and see more details. g