Saturday, January 10, 2009

25 Years ago...

View out our dining room window.

We've been really having the winter weather! And right now when I don't have to go out in it, it is beautiful!

It does however put me in mind of the wee early hours of a day 25 years ago to be exact. That was the night that my husband and I made the treacherous trip down Bredinsburg road on the way to the hospital. It was snowing like crazy, and my husband was trying to be careful, keep the truck on the road, be calm and hurry. He could have taken his time.... It was hours later that our first son was born.

So even though my camera shy son "would have rather that everyone forgot his birthday" and refused to allow me to snap a picture, we are celebrating anyways!

Here is a big

Happy 25th Birthday, Kerry Lee!!!

We love you and are proud of you for all you have accomplished and life challenges that you have met and overcome! We wish this year be a year of God's Blessings and happiness for you!


  1. And I just came across pictures of your wedding this afternoon! I'd forgotten who was your flower girl! Anyway, made me tear up for wondering where the time went!!

  2. all goes too fast. And it definitely speeds up as you get older!

  3. Best wishes for you birthday Kerry Lee - what an embarassing mother you have
    Dont worry so do we!

  4. Happy Birthday from us too, Kerry Lee!

  5. What a great post, is this your youngest? my sons are 37 and 32 (soon to be a daddy).