Saturday, January 3, 2009

Coming into the Daylight and out of the Fog

I must be fiiinnnalllyyy getting over this cold/flu/bug/virus whatever it is. I still have a rotten cough but this is how I can tell that I am on the road to recovery...

I SEE dust on my coffee table, I NOTICE how everyone in the house has reverted to dumping stuff on the dining room table, the floor COULD USE a good vacuuming and there is probably about 3 loads of laundry that SHOULD be washed.

See, notice, could, and should. But won't be- not today *sigh*-tomorrow is another day. It has taken all my energy all week just to get up, go to work, do supper, rid up after supper, and go to bed. My sweetheart has been trying, he has been doing a load of wash a day including folding it and putting away. He gets 10 gold stars for that one!!!

I won't be going to Sunday service either as the coughing will just be a distraction. If it is as warm as it is supposed to be I may take the pups for a short walk. Poor dears have been house/office bound all week. Good thing they are bassets and not terriers they would be bouncing off the walls!


  1. hope you feel well soon, i think everyone is feeling low right now.

  2. Sorry your not feeling well - loved your site!