Friday, November 5, 2010

A Real Date Night!

Every Friday, my DH and I go out for date night (generally with my Dad and Step Ma). This usually includes dinner somewhere, a trip to WallyWorld, Dunham's Sporting Goods, Ollies, or sometimes we just cut the evening short and go home. Not much to do around here on a typical Friday night unless it is near a holiday or one fest or the other.

As you know I do enjoy a glass of wine from time to time and therefore I am on the mailing list for a couple of the local wineries. About a month ago I got an email from Deercreek Winery about an event they were having last weekend...

"L ive Music This Friday Night, Oct. 29, 6:30-8:00
Cluricaun, Celtic Ensemble

The band consists of 5-7 members depending on who shows up! Hammer Dulcimer: Sally Ringland
...Tin Whistle, Concertina, & Voice: Mike McConnell
Bodhran, Harmonica, & Voice: Jim Rose
Voice: Linda Rose
Guitar: Greg Goodman & Rob Bullington
Fiddle: Karen SpuckCluricaun plays traditional Celtic Music.
Come out to the main winery and enjoy a nice evening with wine, snacks, and of course great music. This is our last one until sure you make it!
~No cover charge~"
I am a big fan of Celtic/Irish/Scottish/ Dulcimer music and have collected a number of CD's over the years. So a chance to hear someone play my favorite instruments live time was a real thrill! After quite a lot of arm twisting recruiting the rest of the gang to go with, and a couple of others, good friends Denny and Kathie Z we were off to enjoy the evening. It was a blast! I wish there was something like this every weekend but I guess we enjoy things more if they don't come along that often.
Of course I wanted to share some of it with you! I did ask the group for permission to put the following clips on here so I am all legal and stuff ;-)
Please excuse the background noise, some people are totally RUDE, and of course this is my first attempt at posting a clip from my camera but here goes...

The second was a little better accoustic wise, but neither gave a true representation of just how good these muscians were...

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