Monday, November 15, 2010

Birds of Prey...and other "guests".

So one day a couple of weeks ago, my flock of chickens had a guest. I am not sure whether he was invited or not, but none of the chickens had their feathers ruffled and knowing my hens, well let's just say their gift of hospitality sometimes exceeds their sense!

Can you identify what hawk this is? I was thinking a Cooper hawk or immature Red Tail. As you can see the chickens aren't all that worried as there isn't anyway for the hawk to get in.

Spotted this owl along the road on my way home...sure is a beauty.

Kerry and I saw this Eagle near Lake Wilhelm.

I think they are impressive one and all.

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  1. They're beautiful birds, aren't they. We have lots of hawks around and one big owl who scares the heck out of me and the dogs some nights when he sits right above us in the tree. They tell me there are eagles in the area, but I've never seen one.