Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Latest Knitting Projects...

Off the needles and just in time!

We had two additions to our family this fall which of course meant some heavy duty knitting time. I had two sisters expecting at around the same time and both my nephew and my neice came a bit earlier then expected. I had already posted baby Jacob's gifts...

Crib Blanket pattern from Debbie Macombers Building Blocks Crib Blanket the Shop on Blossom Street
and hippo from Itsy Bitsy Toys by Susan B. Anderston.
...but as everything was happening so fast I did not get a chance to post a pic of the baby! Here is baby Jacob with big brother Josh...

Then came Miss Maddie...

for her gift which was my first attempt for knitting baby clothes...

As you can see Miss Maddie has quite abit to "grow" for!

Back view of dress. Dress made from Debbie Bliss pattern Flower Frock.
 Then of course was the little boy who saw me knitting a hat for my son and 'hinted' that he wished I would knit a hat for him since his birthday was coming up soon! He even picked out the colors he thought would look nice. Of course I couldn't make him one without making one for his little brother, although he did get to choose first!

I bet their Mom thinks this is a rare sight to see the boys this close without it being something along the lines of a headlock!

Thanks for posing guys!
 Last but not least as the temps were falling I made myself a scarf using Mochi's Bodega Bay, which I did post the colorway in a previous post, but then since I had some Merino wool in a lavendar I decided to make myself a beret also from a pattern on Ravelry called Meret. I had some of the lavendar left over so I thought I would make a pair of mittens too so I could have a complete set...

The dogs will be happy to know their treat jar came in handy as a model!
How about you? Since the temperature has started falling have you felt the desire to work wth some nice comforting wool?


  1. Good job girl! You're such a good auntie!

  2. Wow! I must say ..... Wow!
    Such neautiful knitting jobs. Your grandma would be proud of you, and so would your GGM Miller, who did such wonderful socks, mittens, hats, doilies, etc!

    AND... all on such a fresh new blog background! My, we are certainly industrious! Love it!!

  3. Beautiful knits! I love the Argosy pattern and am contemplating it for the baby blanket I need to get knitting!

  4. You've been busy. They're all lovely, but I especially like the hat and scarf. Those are my colors.