Thursday, October 21, 2010

Loving the Fall Colors-DOT Post

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love almost everything about it (except archery of course!), the scent in the air, all the colors, the leaves swirling around as they fall, the brisk air, the rustling leaves as you walk. And evidently the hounds feel the same as I do.

HoneyDew gets quite peppy in the fall, running, sniffing, she has lots of energy after being sluggish from the summer heat. She can walk for hours going in one direction. If we turn around to retrace our steps, she becomes quite obstinate, passive aggressive even! Can you imagine pushing, prodding, carrying a basset that weighs 64 pounds when she decides she does not want to move?

Sampson just becomes the Giant Idiot. Bone Headed even! He does the stupidest things. Running full on at HoneyDew and literally bowling her over. Barking at falling leaves. Chasing squirrels into a briar patch, without an escape plan and then looking pitifully at me like "heh, I am kind of stuck here, what aren't you going to help get me out?"

Me: Nope you were having fun getting in there you can have fun getting out!

He especially loved the mud holes that were camoflaged with leaves. You know *gallop, gallop, gallop, splosh, slip, slide = underbelly full of mud and leaves! Then the stiff legg walk trying to get the crackling leaves and sticking mud off of him.

Me: You better hope that falls off before we get back to the car!

A couple final scenic shots of our walk.

Wherever your trails and tails take you, have a happy DOT!


  1. What a great post! My dogs have always loved fall too. Gretchen's not so thrilled with the falling acorns though.

  2. Wow, gorgeous post! Love the fall colors...I don't see that here in CA!

  3. Love this post!! ..and the photos, 'specially the last 2,hummmm....

  4. The autumn leaves are like camoflage for Honey Dew. Sampson sounds like a typical happy dude! Happy DoT!

  5. These are beautiful fall photos. What a great place for the dogs to run and explore!

  6. Glorious Fall pix and happy dogs too!


  7. We love Autumn too - in fact it is our favourite time because it is cooler and we love all the smells.
    Martha sometimes sits down and refuses to move - the answer, when it is safe, is just to let her off her leash and walk away and leave her.
    So far she has followed - the joys of owning a basset!

  8. Tina these are gorgeous! And Honeydew and HoneyBelle look just a like, same size, same girth, same height from ground...