Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sampson is moping...

If you look into the back ground you can see what he is down about. Do you need a closer look?

HoneyDew and Skittles snuggling in Dad's chair.

HoneyDew says: "Snooze you loose!"

Happy DOT's!


  1. Well Sampson, are you going to take this lying down?
    You need to assert yourself ..... put your paw down!
    Our advice is to find a treat and entice HoneyDew off the seat and then you can jump on.
    We don't think we have met Skittles before.
    Loving the new blog background.
    martha and bailey xxx
    ps like the 'passive aggressive' description! so apt!
    Martha has become so good at it too - if you pull her the lead comes off anyway - or the harness - or the new martingale......!

  2. Don't worry Sampson, I'm sure you'll get your turn soon!

  3. Very cute photos. Sissy pouts just because she can, sometimes even while she's getting her way!

  4. Nothing like a good pout when irritated! Hope he soon gets his turn in the special chair!

  5. It looks like everyone is getting along nicely, even if someone hogs the best napping places.