Saturday, February 27, 2010

Out in the Snow again...

Everyone was stir crazy today after another week of being indoors other then runs to the chicken coop or the occasional run into town. You know you are a basset slave when the dogs whine when they get close to McDonalds and so you pull in, buy them a hamburger and nothing for yourself!

So today, hubby and I decided to go to Oil Creek to get some snow pictures (like I haven't taken enough this winter!) and get the pups out for an off lead run.

Normally the park's parking lot is plowed and sometimes there is at least one trail that has had some traffic in which the snow has been packed down. Today, that was not the case so the pups were going to have to wait a little longer for their run.

I spotted this so my hubby pulled over and let me jump out and snap some pics off the bridge while he pulled on up off the road.

Yes the snow was still coming down so it was really hard to get a clear picture, but I was happy none the less.

Love the naked trunks of the Sycamore Trees in the winter.
Oil Creek didn't freeze completely this year but you can still see the ice build up along the edges.
The water is so clear you can actually see the fish. Probably why the Eagle was hanging about!

We decided to take the dogs to the archery club and let them run there;

HoneyDew was so excited she decided to take a short cut...big mistake!

Sampson was running so fast he almost looked like his feet weren't touching the ground.
HoneyDew considered another off road experience but quickly changed her mind!
Sampson is impatiently waiting for hubby to get off the path...
...just enough room and gone!
One last shot of the winter wonderland for today. Winter you are pretty, but I won't miss you when you are gone!


  1. Great pictures!! I didn't realize PA had any bald eagles!! You were blessed to get them!! And now we know, Samson can fly!!!

  2. Sounds like your day turned out just fine after all! and, uh, can I use that last photo?

  3. Love it, especially Honey Dew's attempt at a shortcut.

  4. Tina, great pics of the doggies in the snow! Just gorgeous little four-leggers.

  5. Nice pictures! You have a nice blog also. I'm going to look foward to following!

  6. Oh we do hope Spring comes soon!

    Sampson and Honey Dew look as though they had great fun!

    Martha & Bailey xxx