Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Help, Help, we are snowed in!

No, that was not me. That was the squawks being heard from 100 Cackle Way. But not too fear, after DH got the path cleared again with the snow blower, BHR (basset hound rescue) was on the way!

Of course there was the sniff stops along the way!

"Well it certainly took you long enough!" cackled Miss Persnickity.

"Here now, no shoving! Plenty for everyone!" Says Sir Cockothewalk.
For myself I rather like this view of the chicken coop in the winter time...
...the one from inside the house!

Definitely enjoying the weather from here! And as you can see my car hasn't moved all day. It is the white mound in front of DH blue car...

I did have one reminder that spring would be coming. Some fresh cut herbs from a friends kitchen herb garden.
It has also been an ideal time to knit. I have been having a try at some lace work and so far these small projects have turned out ok...

After I finish a certain project that I can't show a picture of, I am going to tackle a lace scarf that is made from Kidsilk Haze Mohair. It's a wonderfully fine yarn. If it turns out I will post pics, if not, well I'll never mention it again, lol :-P


  1. Would love to be snowed in!!! Lovely lace work!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  2. Love the chicken comments, and the lacework. And I love that we only got one inch out of this storm... But I'm sure our day will come again this winter, it's not over yet. Although the flying ants have started to appear one every few days in my bathroom already. Wonder what that means? (Maybe just that the ground is not real frozen!)

  3. Ha ha! Gotta love those chicken conversations :) I love that knit bulb ornament, too! You do work like your great-grandmother did , very neat!

  4. Stay cosy! Good you have so much to keep you busy - perhaps you could work on some basset tummy warmers!

  5. Were those Basset bellies all wet and cold when they came back in?!? It obviously doesn't snow here but it's pretty cold and the girls come back in from outside and their big paws are so cold! Burrr. Glad you could get fresh herbs in this weather - yay for indoor gardening. I'm setting mine up soon (well, maybe).

  6. Okay, that does it. I don't want chickens after all. I was thinking that what with Sissy being confined to leash or pen, I could have chickens again, but you just jolted me back to sanity. I don't want anything I have to shovel a path to for feeding time!

  7. HA HA - love the BHR! :)

    Pretty ornaments!

  8. Looks like the snow is taller than the dogs! Love the lacy ornaments.

  9. The ornaments are very nice. It's nice of the pooches to go check on the chickens.