Thursday, March 4, 2010

A puppy playdate...

HoneyDew and Sampson are two of the most social pups I have ever met. They love to meet people and absolutely love getting together with other dogs.

Last week they were invited over to play with their friends Rex (a mixed breed who has the most beautiful ears and a plume of a tail),

Wolfe (a Yorkie)

and a new friend Lily (a beagle).

While we all had a wonderful time, HoneyDew and I think that Sampson is smitten with Lily because where ever Lily went Sampson was sure to follow:

Treat time...

Did someone say treat? I don't have to get up for it do I?

Of course not Dew, Auntie Birta will bring it to you!

They were in and out of the house all day and finally wore themselves out...
Can you find all the pups?

My apologies for the quality of the pics as five dogs in a house makes for fast moving targets and lots of blurs!

Happy DOT!


  1. Visiting other dog friends is awesome. Pics of that are the best! Great pictures. I'm familiar with that last one as we often are exhausted and toes-up after an eventful day.

  2. Well, when crash time came I see who took up the couch!!! LOLOLOLOL

  3. What fun! Sissy loves playdates, but Gretchen takes a while to warm up sometimes.

  4. Very neat! Sometimes Simon comes to visit Izzy. She was very shy at first, but the visits are going better each time.

  5. Great pics... what a fun playdate! Happy DOT!

  6. Awesome post! Like a puppy preschool! Love the nap time pic!:) Too cute!

  7. Must have been a fun day. Love the last picture of all the napping pups!

  8. Nothing better than nice tired quiet dogs snoozing all around the room.

  9. Looks like big fun was had by all. Abby gives the same look that Dew does at treat time - I'll take one if you bring it to me. Otherwise I'm not sure I care!

    And I found all 5!! g