Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A new style...

Today, I had had it. I was done with it. Couldn't do anything with it anyway so it was time for it to go! As I have been known to take scissors to it myself (and with drastic results), It was kindly suggested that I make an appointment and go, don't delay, run even!

I am fortunate to have a NIL who is a hair stylist, that was nice enough to squeeze me in today. I took out several pictures that I thought might work but left it up to her as to which cut. The cut she gave me can be just wash, scrunch, and go (I have curly hair so less messing the better!) or I can straighten and "wisp it up". She decided to style it straight and show me how to do it:

Yes folks, my hair is really that silver, and you thought I was kidding about my boys giving me gray hairs!

So whatcha think? Better then me hacking on it right?!


  1. I love it!! Looks great. And don't mind the grays.. you earned them!!

  2. Beautiful! I'm heading in for a shearing myself in a few hours. Probably just a trim, but I never know what superstylist will want to try!