Friday, February 19, 2010

Urgent Update on Global Warming

As a direct result of Global Warming, the polar ice cap has been melting and it appears it has finally slipped. According to officials it has taken up residence in Pennsylvania and as far south as North Carolina! We offer the following pictures as evidence of this phenomenon...

Mounds of DEEEEEP Snow
Snow well above the "official" over the knee mark.

Record Length Ice Formations.
Atypical ice formations.

Even a day at the beach is a whole new adventure, heh watch out for the polar bears!

And the abomidable snowman has even went south, we hear he is now able to surf fish!

Disclaimer**all of the above is a Global Warming joke and not to be taken seriously...hmmmmm and that really makes me wonder :-P


  1. Very "Cool" post!! But I for one, believe it! It has even slipped over into Kentucky!

  2. Love the post! However, it would have been interesting to see you guys properly "dressed" for the beach photo... Beautiful days are ahead. Spring must come sometime

  3. So that's what went past me in January!!!

  4. OMG Tina!! How do you get the hounds to go outside and go potty? Or go outside and not sink below the new surface of the earth? HoneyBelle sends lots of squishy warm heat hugs.

  5. I think we've seen it here in Missouri, too.