Monday, April 27, 2009

Skipped Spring and right into Summer

Wow has the weather been fabulous! The entire weekend and today in the 80's. I love it but everyone else has been "whew it's hot". 9 months we put up with frigid temps, rain and snow, and they can't tolerate 3 days of "nice"weather. Wimps. Just kidding! As my husbands says there is only so much he can take off where as I can keep adding layers.

I did get my peeps moved into a pen in the hen house. I don't know who is more freaked out, the older hens hearing strange noices coming from the pen in the other sections (seriously they didn't want to come in from their yard) or the peeps who now have a wire bottomed pen that they can see the floor wwwwaaaaaayyyyy down there. For the first 30 minutes they tried sitting on one another (the only solid objects besides the feed dishes). Once they saw the food go in they kind of forgot about the "drop".

The pups and I had another nice walk along a trout stream then the river. They had their bath on Saturday, so you know what they wanted to do today? Wade. In stinky river water. They looked up at me with a look that said, "Well it's HOT in this fur coat in this summer-like weather!" They dried off enough to get into the car.

One thing that I came across on the walk was a huge area simply covered with violets. The smell and site was beautiful, and I brought some back just to share with you...

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Nine months of cold?? Awe, come on.. only about 7 or 8 really... LOL. The violets are beautiful. I can pretend I can smell them they look so nice! And I agree with you, I love this weather! Had to hurry and put my winter sweaters away last week and get out the tshirts! I love it!! Alas we will be back to spring this week, but that's ok, at least we are on the way!

  2. Glad you are finally getting some nice warm weather!
    The violets look lovely - imagine in this modern age of technology we havent found a way to transmit smell!
    Glad Sampson and Honey Dew got right into the stinky water - true bassets - we are proud of them.
    Martha & Bailey xx

  3. I miss the violets ... They are just beautiful! ...and is that a wild strawberry leaf I see on the lower right hand side of the picture??

  4. Thank you fro the violets. They
    re my favorite flowers.