Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The REAL sign that spring is here...

Here in northwest PA, we have quite a few harbingers of spring, some more famous than others. Such as Punxsutawney Phil (the groundhog who does or does not spot his shadow), the return of the Robins, the first Snowdrops pushing their way up from the ground, and some even say the return of the Turkey Vultures (this one is definitely the most popular around the hunting crowd)

However, as any true "hound connoisseur" knows the true sign that spring is here is this...

the annual spring shed of the winter coat! And so it was last Saturday as I was bathing the first of my hounds that I noticed the water not flowing as quickly down the drain. Got that unstopped, finished bathing Sampson and started Honey Dew, again gathering fur from out of the drain stopper. Then onto the front porch were they were to dry...

As you can see, one good shake...

deserves another...

and some bassets are pickier then others. This is Dew's way of telling me I missed a spot!

So after they were thoroughly dry and the first flea guard dose applied, with nails all clipped, the pups were excited to go out of doors sporting their new shiny clean coats. For about 10 feet out the back door, where they found a nice section of green grass to roll in!

Happy DOT's all!


  1. Oh yeh, gotta have that good roll in the grass after a bath!! Nothing like it! Happy DOT's to Sampson and Dew!

  2. Well it is important to have a roll in the grass - there is such a thing as being too clean!!
    You both looked lovely and fresh guys - ready for the nice weather.
    Martha & Bailey xx

  3. A roll is the grass after a bath is only made better if the grass is as stinky as possible. Your bassets are adorable.

  4. well the grass does help them dry. I'm thinking you are lucky it was just green grass and not stinky rotting grass or mud.

    they do look beautiful now. g

  5. your bassets are so they enjoyed the good brushing..lost a lb or 2 I bet

  6. Along with her long legs, Sissy has a slicker coat than most bassets. Yay! I don't miss that downy undercoat sticking to everything this time of year.

  7. I didn't realize Bassets were such shedders. A roll in the grass to get back those great doggy smells is essential.

  8. ha ha this is what they all's so frustrating yet so cute...

  9. It's funny how they love to find "something" to roll in after a bath...thankfully it was just grass! My mom had one bassett that loved to roll in "yuck"!

  10. What a cute post! Charli likes to roll in the grass too. Your hounds are adorable ♥

  11. Have woo heard of da Furminator? Arr mommee swears by it. We wuv how it feels on arr skin, and we allwayz getz eksited wen mommee bringz it owt.

    Gus and Waldo

  12. Of course they rolled in a patch of grass.....they have to get the clean off. :)