Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Come meet the new residents of One Cackle Way...

En masse...

Checking the camera out...

ymmm, this crumble looks good...

See the striping on their backs? My son sent me a text message saying they look like little skunks....well I will tell you, they sure don't smell like skunks!

This one is my oddball chick...but I think he/she is adorable...
So while the peeps are all warm and fuzzy and cuddling up under the brooder light, this is the reality outside....

...poor daffodils. We are supposed to get four inches today. After the nice day on Sunday I thought this type of thing was behind us. Guess not!


  1. The chicks are adorable and as for the weather, "this too shall pass". ;-)

  2. How sweet! I miss baby chickens...

  3. They look gorgeous!

    Too bad you're back to winter.

  4. awww, your chicks look great! It is so fun to get the box of peeps. Mine are pullets already, roosting and eating grower pellets. Your birds are going to be real pretty when they feather out. I have a 4 year old little girl that loves to come over and play with the chickens. I need to get her photos posted. Congratulations on your new birds—finally! Even if you do have white stuff on the ground.

  5. Congrats!!! What a bunch of little cuties!

  6. How very cute!! what fun! I agree though that they look like little skunks :)

  7. Oh, they're so adorable....real Easter chicks!
    Happy Easter xx