Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Opening Day of Trout

Opening day of Trout in north western Pennsylvania generates quite a bit of excitement. Fishing gear is laid out a week in advance, strategic plans are made according to where the latest stocking has been reported, which "secret" fishing hole is going to be hit first, scouting of the stream has been done and what bait will be used.

The night prior to opening day every year we take a drive along popular creeks and streams to see how many people are setting up "fish camp". The morning of the opening day the popular trout creek and stream banks are lined with people elbow to elbow waiting for eight o'clock, the official time that you can drop a line and start fishing.

All I can say is the scouting and keeping your fishing hole secret must have paid off as the hubby was the only one at his "secret" hole and look at the haul he brought home...

But you know what was even better than eating fresh trout? The smile on his face!


  1. Look at him! Your husband looks as joyous as a young man and a good stringer. Yeah—good catch!

  2. So cool! I love trout...well, any fish really but trout...mmmm, yummy!
    Happy fishing :D

  3. Hey, proud of my S-I-L! Think you can bring a taste of that trout with you when you come down?? j/k
    but they are beautiful!

  4. PS. I'd send a pic to the newspsper!

  5. My eldest son fishes and I have to tell you I could never fillet a fish or cut its head off!!
    There is nothing nicer than fresh trout as long as someone else prepares it!!
    Your husband looks well pleased with himself!
    Hope you enjoyed eating it xxx