Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Chicken Yard

I can't believe it has actually taken me a whole week to get this posted. But spring is here so there are lots of jobs to be done that take me out of the house and away from the computer. I haven't forgotten all my blogging buddies though that made this winter at least bearable!

Last Saturday, my Dad and my hubby set out to build me a new chicken yard. One that is raccoon proof, and one that allows easy entry into the yard ( unlike the old one that the boys had to fit through the chicken door or when older climb over to get something out of the chicken yard), and one that was finished before the peeps are out of my basement.

One of the nice features is the sliding chicken door that allows me to open it from outside the chicken yard with a simple pulley set up (why didn't we think of this before!). As you can see the girls, Maude, Gertrude, Sylvia, Lucy and Clara, are already taking advantage of the nice weather to cluck and scratch about out of doors!

If you enlarge the pictures you can see that there is reinforced 1x2 wire at the bottom of the fence that actually is buried aways down so animals cannot dig under the fence to get in also. And the chicken door is closed nightly so I am hoping that the massacre we experienced last summer will not be repeated.

This is a shot of the tree that Ben cut down for us from the chicken yard before it fell on the coop and looking down to the back of our house. A neighbor is going to make use of the wood for his wood burner when the yard dries enough to permit access with his truck.
I have already given both Dad and my hubby a big hug and thank you for doing this project for me, but it never hurts to say twice:
Thank you Dad and thank you Kerry for the gift of designing and building the yard! I appreciate it even more knowing that you sacrificed a beautiful day to golf, fish or play with the bows to do this for me!


  1. Absolutely wonderful!! and thank them for me too.... cause i am gong to show it to MY hubby and tell him thats whow I want mine! Thanks for posing the pics, Tina!

  2. Hi Tina
    We have missed you but it is good to be busy!
    Your new home for your chickens looks really good and secure. That was a good job and hopefully they will be safe and secure.
    Martha & Bailey xx

  3. Very cool! Tell the guys, "great job!"

  4. Looks great! Nothing will be getting in or out of there. Can't wait to see the chicks when they're allowed out.

  5. Wow, your hens are lucky ladies, it's a palace! Sweet of your hubby & Dad to do this for you and so glad Spring has sprung for you, it's here too as we've had glorious weather! Glad you enjoyed the scenery, the pictures just don't do it justice though.
    Belly rubs for your Hounds xx

  6. What a fab job the men did for you Tina! We are scrambling to get chicken houses built down here as well. Your hens should have a much better experience now. We have had a massacres—especially at our country property. Good job guys!