Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Look what came in the mail today!

My husbands parents always give us "mad money" for Christmas. When times were tight we spent it on necessities and it always came in handy and was much appreciated. For the last few years we have put it towards something that we liked but would never purchase for ourselves.

I have had my eye on a line of bags for the last five years...hoping that one they would come out with a different color and two the price would come down. ( I know but I'm an optimist!)
Well this year they did it! They came out with a different color (no of course the price didn't drop, but it's mad money!) and in my desired breed. Can you guess? I found the red color irresistible...

Look at all the room, it has pockets around the inside for keys, cell phone, not pad and of course doggy treats! And a nice Ziploc bag with one of my knitting projects!

Weird the things that give us joy isn't it? Well if you want one you can get it here.


  1. Love the bag! for knitting or for dog-type schtuff!
    Happy New Year,