Saturday, December 27, 2008

Catching up...

Where to start?

We have had so much going on around here. Last Saturday, my cousin Lindsey got married in an evening wedding that was so beautiful, all red and white and Christmasy. Then Sunday we went to a reception/anniversary celebration for dear friends of ours, Ted and Diane's son Ray and his wife Julie. Julie had been in the military and Ray was living in New Mexico so they had their wedding last year, away from home. This was the first chance that we had to celebrate with them and to meet Julie.

Today we will be celebrating another wedding. My husband's Aunt Pat who has been widowed for a couple of years is getting married! She 71 years old (which she doesn't look or act) and her new husband is as well. I think it is wonderful. She has such an adventurous spirit. I think it is wonderful when people find happiness, and aren't afraid to go for it!

Of course all the Christmas festivities were absolutely wonderful. The Christmas Eve service was lovely and so nice to have some of your loved ones beside you to sing the carols with you.

Getting together with relatives, enjoying each others company was great. From the smaller gatherings to larger ones it was wonderful. And even the ones that took place via the telephone, still there was a feeling of togetherness.

Yesterday, Kerry and I were able to take the pups down to the bike trail for a much needed hike. At midway, we stopped to sit on a picnic table to watch the river flowing by. We saw geese flying overhead, some type of diving bird scooping up a fish for his dinner, a hawk sitting silently on a branch on the look out for an unsuspecting bunny and heard birds singing. The weather was fit and warmer then has been lately. It was absolutely lovely and peaceful. I made mention to Kerry that it was simple things like just that moment that made me so inexplicably happy and my heart to sing. Just sitting there with him, and our hounds, enjoying being together, silently in sync appreciating the moment.

I will have had five whole days off from work when I return to the office on Monday. It has been wonderful and I will treasure the memory.

Where ever you are and what ever you are doing, I hope today is your day and special and memorable for you too!


  1. What a really lovely post, glad you've had a good few party party....and your walk sounds so lovely!
    Happy 2009!
    Slobbers xx

  2. Sounds like you had a blessed weekend! So happy for you! Perhaps others can learn from you!

  3. Sounds like a great holiday! Thanks so much for signing our guestbook and adding our blog to your list. I am enjoying meeting so many other Basset Mommies lately and I just can't get enough of the pics of the pooches!