Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another 2:00 AM Phone Call...

Ring....Ring.... (actually the ring is some tune on the cellphone), Next a lot of fumbling for the phone...

Husband: Who on earth is calling in the middle of the night?!

Son: Hi Mom...

Me: Hi Ben. What's the matter.

Son: Oh nothing, so how are you?

Husband: What is going on? What's wrong!

Me: Shuuusssshhh...

Me: Ben, It is 2:04 in the morning, what is going on?

Ben: Nothing really. But let me tell you about this really weird thing that happened. You know I fell asleep at Jack's and I had this dream that I decided to drive home, and in the dream I woke up and I was in the drive way just like that! And I am. In the drive way.

Me: Ben what....

Ben: Mom, just look out the window...

And there he was.

Husband (who has to be up in 2 and 1/2 hours): I am not getting up, I will wake him up and say good morning at 4:30!

Originally he wasn't coming home from college till tonight, but a professor let him and a friend take their last final in the morning so they could get out before the bad weather (lots of snow predicted) hit.

You know that if I wasn't so happy to see's his sense of humor you see. I had talked to him around 9:30 and he hadn't let on, just said it wouldn't be long before he was home.

If you read my blog regularly the last middle of the night call was a car accident.

And they think I am joking when I point out the gray hairs on my head and tell them, this streak is yours, and this one is yours, and all the scattered ones through out the rest well dear Benjamin...they are all yours!


  1. Just be thankful!! The gray hairs are worth it!! (Just look at my hair!)

  2. I love, love it, love it!! You go Ben!!