Tuesday, December 2, 2008

E.T.A. 4/6/09-Yahoo!

As some of you know, we had a mass murderer on the loose in the hen house last summer...since then we have not had the delightful experience of waking up by Rooster crows, farm fresh eggs, or listened to the calming sounds of the little misses out in the chicken yard.

Well that is about to change! Of course we will be hearing peeps in the basement for the first little while.

My husband had asked me what I would like for Christmas. This was my answer. He said get them ordered! (Before he changed his mind!) You know I didn't have to think twice, I was online to McMurray's Hatchery Asap. So 25 and a freebie will be arriving during the week of April 6th.

The Silver Laced is the original Wyandotte and the other varieties were developed from it later with crosses on other breeds. It is an outstanding example of American poultry breeding ingenuity and is one of the most beautiful breeds we offer. It is colorful, hardy, and productive. The broadfeathered, smooth fitting plumage is sharply marked. The general appearance is silvery white and lustrous greenish black as each feather is edged in a contrasting color. The close-fitting rose comb and good body size are valuable assets for winter laying. Cold weather doesn't seem to bother them at all as their hardiness and vigor keep them laying straight through the winter. They lay a nicely shaped, good sized egg, varying from light to rich brown and will set some. This is another excellent variety for exhibition. Baby chicks vary from almost black to light silvery gray and many have contrasting light and dark stripes on the back.
The part in red was obviously very important to me (global warming indeed)!


  1. You can take the girl out of the farm.... but you can"t take the farm out of the girl! Tee-hee, I love it!


  2. We raised that breed before. Found them to have a good personality and (like they say) cold weather hardy. Here's hoping winter goes fast and spring arrives soon. Merry Christmas!

  3. I would just like to thank you for your comment on my blog. Any advice is appreciated. I never liked RIR's anyways, they're ugly to me. Maybe I'll go with the Rocks. Thanks again,


  4. Hi Tina,

    Love your chick widget! I was so excited to get my McMurray box of peeps! They are already in wing feathers and sprouting tail feathers. Your Silver Laces are going to be so pretty. Years ago I passed over the Silver Laces and got Buff Orpingtons (which turned out to be a great breed). Spring is getting closer for you all up there! Cannot wait to see your chicks and I am loving Dew and Sampson stories. I sent my daughter your link and she thought for a moment she was back on my blog—chicks, bassets, knitting, seeds, baking. What fun!