Friday, December 19, 2008

The list....

...goes on and on. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying myself immensely. And I truly have accomplished quite a lot with out overwhelming myself.

But I did forget my Dogs on Thursday post. Actually I thought yesterday was Wednesday. So somewhere I lost a day anyway!

My knitting projects are almost completed. There will be one gift that will be late. The recipient knows that it is coming but not what it is, (tee hee).

Delegate is the word for today or rather tomorrow. I am going to suggest a couple of college students go,pick out a tree,cut it down and haul it home...heh, it will give them something fun to do (and keep me on track and out of the cold!)

We have a wedding this weekend, and a reception/anniversary party to go to also.

It is such a fun time of the year! The family get togethers, the decorations, music, packages coming and going, anticipation. My favorite part is the Christmas Eve Service. We always go to the 10:00PM Service. It is wonderful, thought provoking, more deliberate I think.

However you celebrate Christmas, in all the busyness of preparation, please take a moment to realize, appreciate, savor, and give thanks for the reason for the season...

Luke 2:1-20

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  1. Lovely post and great link! I love your new festive background too!
    Hope the students bring you a nice tree and hope you enjoy all your doos this weekend!
    Festive slobbers and a very Merry Christmas to you all xxxx