Monday, October 27, 2008

Last of Fall, First of Winter?

Hey Mom can we go for a walk, huh, can we, can we, can we go right now?!?

The last days of October sure feel like November. We are getting snow later this evening with a possible inch of accumulation. Oh, I am so not ready for this!

But it was a good excuse to break out the pups' sweaters for our after work walk. They were the only bright spot out there today in their bright red sweaters, against the gray of the sky and muted browns and golds of the fallen leaves.

I am saving that pic for

Weather like this does permit me to knit without guilt. You know what I mean..."It is such a nice day out I should be; weeding the roses, thinning the herb bed, getting the last of the mums n before a hard freeze, cleaning off the front porch, putting away the hanging baskets, or (fill in the blank here) or doing one of the ohter 101 things on my list for the outdoors!" Truth is I am just not ready to admit summer is long gone and fall is almost over. Winter is my least favorite times of year.

Mr. S. likes this type of weather because one it is not hot, two it is hunting season, and three it usually means I bake more. Although tonight he is definitely out of luck. I am working on dinner as I type this and a couple of loads of laundry.

I hope everyone who reads this is all snug in your respective places and enjoying a nice evening too!

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  1. Welcome to Dogs On Thursday!
    Your basset babies are super adorable, not that I am biased or anything! LOL!