Thursday, October 9, 2008


Changes have always been a challenge for me. Sometimes they turn out unexpectedly for the better.

Take this blog for instance. I was notified that my previous blog site would be closing as of October 31st. I had journaled on that site for a year and it was also my first experience journaling. But I really enjoyed it and as I have more family at a distance then close by, it kept them in the loop as to what was going on in my life.

So I start looking around and found this site. It was more user friendly, had more options, and was it allowed me to do more. It really couldn't get any better. Then I received an email from my old site that blogger had partnered with them to allow me to import all my previous posts, links, and pics! I was ecstatic and couldn't wait to get started.

Sometimes change can be a blessing in disguise.

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