Thursday, August 21, 2008

The sun sets on another gorgeous day!

I capped off my day today with a stop at my favorite yarn store(Kindred Spirits Yarn Studio), to double check on my calculations for completing the sleeves on my sweater (a big thank you to Jill!) before our vacation starts next week.

My husband is an avid hunter and this will be his third trip to Colorado (my first) and you know what they say the third time is the charm! I sure hope that this is his turn to get the elusive Elk. But no matter if he does or not we will still have an enjoyable time.

I am going to treat the vacation as a knitting retreat and get some of my projects completed. I am also going to do some sight seeing with Alberta and her puppies too!

After the knit shop, the pups and I hit the bike trail for an hour. They sure do enjoy meeting up with other dogs and people who say how cute they are! Here is a couple of pics from our walk...

Sampson and Honey Dew checking their pee-mail! Sorry for the blurryness but they were moving around quite a bit.

Okay Mom, time to go home now!

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  1. I love your dogs what an adorable bunch. I have a Blk Labador/Husky mix. Pickles is a working dog for me, as I'm deaf. This is my first visit here and I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I'll be back to visit again. (Hugs)Indigo