Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Morning all! I had some folks ask for pictures of projects that I have worked on so I am going to post some of them here. I had learned to knit in home-ec when I was 15 (more years ago than I want to admit). And had not knitted again untill about 3 years ago when my friend Kathie Z. made me a fun-fur scarf. That got me hooked. Especially since in the selection of yarns I get to run my hands through all the different yarns, colors, and textures etc, that Jane had in stock at Kindred Spirits Yarn Studio (check out the link). I started with scarves and couldn't make enough as it was so much fun trying different stitches and techniques, ask all my friends and relatives (the recipients)! Then I went onto hats, a shawl, and socks(warning: very addictive), with different patterns/styles of each. My biggest project to date has been the top down sweater which I am working on now.

This is a wonderful yarn, 85% Merino Wool and 15% Silk.

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