Tuesday, February 21, 2017


...but still beautiful. So time to take the pups to the lake and wear their butts out.

We saw early, and I mean really early, wild leeks,  geese and seagalls flying overhead, a lone duck gliding across the lake and heard the birds singing their evening songs.

It looks chilly but it wasn't as the temps were in the 50's. A glorious day to take advantage of this long warm break and spend some time there.

If you zoom in you might see one of the closest ducks to us.
Some cattails managing to hold on despite wind, snow, and storms.
Just beautiful.
This is an accurate shot of Sweet Pea as she was in constant motion not wanting to miss a smell or movement. She's a hot mess!

All good times must end so now time to go home and make dinner for hubby and the pups!

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