Friday, February 10, 2017

Open your heart to a little love..

You may remember that after our basset boy Sampson passed away, Curly Joe came to visit for awhile. He was the guest who never left! We knew he had found his home with us, for good.

When our basset girl Honeydew passed on, she left a void in all our hearts. Not only did we miss her, we did not want to replace her. After a few weeks of moping, Joe finally bounced back. However, as both my husband and I both worked, we felt guilty leaving him home alone during the day.

In October of 2015, I was viewing rescue sites for a friend and came across this litter of springer spaniel mix puppies. Well the friend really wanted a poodle mix so that wasn't going to work.

But the puppies stayed on my mind. Over the next several days and weeks I would go back to see if any of the six had been spoken for and to follow their story (their rescue from an animal hoarder was pretty horrific).

Now you all know Bassets are my breed, and remain my favorites to this day. But due to health issues my husband and I were no longer able to lift or care for a heavier breed of dog.

Now I had never adopted from a shelter and figured I would not meet the requirements to do so, as I do not have a fenced yard although we do have almost two acres.

But, those puppies were calling my name. So I filled out the application. In two days my references were checked, my vet history was stellar and pending a home inspection , we would be the proud parents of the smallest and most laid back sweet pea of the litter!

It was love at first sight. It had to be because I tell you, she almost killed me in the first two weeks!!!!

Going from a 12 year old basset to a 10 week old springer is a real experience.  "Laid back" is very subjective terminology. She was laid back alright. Right up until 5 minutes after the shelter placement personnel left.

I am so glad we stuck with it. Sweet Pea is the dearest girl. Sensitive. Theraputic. Funny. An adventure. Curly Joe loves her dearly, they are best buddies.

Even the cat tolerates her and has never once, even when being deviled mercilessly,  ever bared her claws and put little Miss Sweet Pea in her place.

So while we still miss Honey Dew and Sampson, and cherish the memories made with them, it is never too late for more love...

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  1. Oh My Gosh!!!! Those pictures of Sweet Pea are so adorable!! I love that you told her whole story in a "nutshell". It puts it all into perspective for me. Give her and Curley Joe hugs for me! Miss Izzy and Sasha say hi!!