Saturday, February 11, 2017

February Snow Moon

Last night was the night of the "Snow" moon. We lucked out as the clouds parted and the snow stopped to allow the full moon to glow down on the blanket of fresh snow. It was beautiful!

Interestingly, many of the women of my family were up and admiring it in various parts of the country at exactly the same time. PA, GA, MI, AZ are states in which some of us currently call home.

Given the lore of the moons pull, babies being born, crazies coming out, etc. makes you wonder if there isn't something to it. Not to worry though. No werewolves or bigfoots were spotted!

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  1. Yes, I was up, off and on. The moon was very bright here in the desert west of Ajo, Arizona. I remember 4 years ago I was in the desert on the south of Ajo and that's when I painted the night desert scene with the lit-up cross that could be seen on the highest hill in Ajo. So inspiring! Last night after moving and setting up camp I was just too tired to care. But I did enjoy the scene briefly.
    Your picture turned out very nicely!!