Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wooly Wonders Fiber Guild-Tuesday Night Knit Group...

Although part of our Tuesday Night Knit Group was down and out with the flu (we did miss you and hope you are feeling better soon) still we had SO MUCH FUN!!!

There was much "oohing", "awing", and "isn't that darling" going on!

It was also nice to get a sneak preview of the other trees on display before the crowds on "Light up Night".

There was laughter and teasing that went on even after the decorating was finished when we all went for coffee, tea and dessert at a local restaurant.

Putting additional sets under the tree when we ran out of branches. What a great problem to have!

We really appreciate the time and effort of all the handknitted scarfs, hats and mittens as well as the purchased and donated items everyone contributed. Thank you all so much, you made this a great success!


  1. What fun, and what a sweet tree!

  2. Lots of nice pretty "toasties" on that tree! What a beautiful way to give! I remarked the other day how Grandma Miller's knitting skills got passed down to you, and what a blessed way to use that skill.

  3. Nice job all of you who donated! What a great thing to do!