Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wine Tasting in Franklin

Franklin had it's first annual wine tasting event in downtown Franklin last night. A friend of mine called and asked if I would go with her as she had two free tickets from one of the presenters. Of course you know she didn't have to ask twice!

There were six local wineries in attendance from the surrounding area set up in the various businesses. I have friends and relatives that tell me they never know what wine to try and ask for advice. Of course it is a matter of taste and I suggest they go to a wine tasting to see what their preference is. Unfortunately when put on the spot, my memory of the names of wines and which winery they are at, is like a seive so I thought I would blog about it while it was fresh in my mind and they could take it from there! I did not taste all the wines that were available (knowing already what types are my preference), but here is a list of my favorites for those who want to know:
  • Angeli Winery of Titusville-Bella White, Queen City Red
  • Dancing Rabbit of Polk-Sandy Creek (red)
  • Deer Creek Winery-Deer Creek Raspberry, Fawn Catawba
  • Foxburg Wine Cellars-Plum Crazy(by far my favorite of the evening and I am not usually into the very sweet wines, but this was fantastic! I have been to this winery before and have never been disappointed by what I have purchased.)
  • Wilhelm Winery-Sunrise Blush, (this winery is located closest to me and I have been to a couple of wine tastings there, and have enjoyed the following on previous occasions: Deer Creek White, Pink Catawba, Fredonia)
  • Presque Isle Wine Cellars-Freeport Red, Blushing Heron
I have been wanting to send some to my mom some but was afraid to ship it myself being concerned the bottle(s) would break. So I asked the vendors tonight and found that some of these places will ship their wines should you decide to gift someone (or try them yourself if you are not a local), which might come in handy since Christmas is right around the corner!

On another note, we have a building that is called the Galleria that has just opened for various vendors. This was one of the stops on the Wine Tasting Walk. Let me tell you they had stuff for every interest! I found a lady that had alpaca yarn spun from her own alpacas (loved, loved, loved that!), as well as hand knitted goods for sale. We had quite the conversation on the best methods to decrease stitches on a sweater that I am currently knitting, she even showed me one she was working on as well! So nice to meet a new friend!

They also had a pet boutique, that had doggie wear, treats, food, shampoo, etc, which was quite reasonably priced. There was a candle place, wood carving section, antiques, a chocolatier (you would be quite proud of me as I limited myself to only one truffle sample and made with Belgium chocolate at that!), handcrafted jewelry also as well as others. This is a growing business so I am excited to see what else sets up shop in there.

I am writing this at three in the morning, waiting yet again on my youngest to arrive home from college for the Thanksgiving break. It is a twelve hour drive and he left school after his last class and was dropping off a college mate at their home which probably added time to the trip. So let me apologize for such a long post but thanks for keeping me company!


  1. Well I am sure your son will be home by now - enjoy your Thanksgiving.
    I have never heard of any of those wines but would have loved to go to a wine tasting evening!
    Sounds great - I really enjoy Australian wines myself but always open to new suggestions.
    I was interested to read you have the same shakers - they are really cool. I hadn't thought of putting the magnet in the car so thanks for the idea - my fridge freezer is one of these integrated thing so looks like a kitchen cupboard with nowhere to stick the magnet!

  2. It all sounds quite yummy! Wine and boutiques!! You should come up here sometime and do a Niagara County Wine Tour! Just ask your cousin. :-)

  3. Sounds delightful! Enjoy having your son home!

  4. What a fun event! I've always wanted to go to a wine tasting event, will have to put that on my list.

    Galleria sounds like a fun place too.

    Yay I know you are so excited to have your youngest son home!