Wednesday, November 4, 2009

At the feeder...

Two days ago the feeder was full and then yesterday it was half full.
You might imagine that I had quite a few feathered visitors, but this was not the case. And while I could not get a photo of him in the act (he was too fast for me everytime he heard the front door open), this is who has been cleaning me out...

We call him Mr. Chipmunk and he has a hole in our front yard that he pokes his head out of and runs back to when he gets his little cheeks full.

We did have a couple of our feathered friends stop by for what little Mr. Chipmunk left...

We do have a cat...

"Am I going to hunt Mr. Chipmunk? Ah no, I was just seeing what you were upto, um, it's cold out here! Can we go back in now?"


  1. Mr Chipmunk seems rather greedy! What a beautiful cat!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  2. While I was taking care of my neighbor's cat a couple weeks ago, she brought me a present and laid it at my feet. A dead chipmunk. She was so proud of it, I think I disappointed her with my reaction.

  3. It is always the small sneaky ones lol. Beautiful kitty you have there!